Egg collection Friday

So I had another scan today and the dose I was put on still remains the same until Wednesday when I have another scan my follicles have grown but still not where they should be yet some are 17mm some are 10mm and 12mm still but there are a few creeping up to 18mm where they need to be ..i suppose the amount of eggs that I have is a good sign 😊 I have quite a few which explains the pain in my abdomen and the sick feeling is because it's taking all the salts and sugar out of my body πŸ€” plenty of fluids needed....also i should be having my egg collection Friday which is putting years on me cause in kinda scared I'm sure everyone has had this feeling? Over all I think things are looking good so far so hopefully the outcome will be what I am longing for 😊 x

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  • Lots of luck Tara, the EC is nothing to worry about, you shouldn't feel or remember a thing. All the best for the scans xx

  • Thanks allot Georgina 😊 I'm glad u have said that I won't feel it or remember it cause it's really giving me some serious anxiety the thought of a needle going up my lady parts is doing nothing for me lol xx

  • You honestly won't, I've had general anesthetics in the past and found the EC sedation just the same in terms of it all being a blank! Just with a much quicker recovery time! I've had 3 sedations and on all of them I'm literally looking at the ceiling one minute, opening my eyes in the recovery room the next, having felt or remembered absolutely nothing in between, do don't worry and good luck for lots of lovely eggs 😊 Xx

  • That all sounds good Tara! Honeslty, egg collection is a breeze. I know you probably dont believe it with a needle up the lady parts but I dont remember a thing and was perhaps a little woozy afterwards but that was about it!! Good luck for Friday!xx

  • Good luck for Friday!!! This is my second ivf cycle and I honestly don't remember my last egg collection at all. xx

  • Thank u ladies u have all made me feel allot better about it 😊😊 xx

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