Egg Collection booked for Wednesday!! Eeeek!!

What a roller coaster the last few days have been.

Friday found out my left ovary wasn't responding and only having 3 follicles.

Sunday we went over my sister in laws for brunch, where they told us they were expecting. They literally fell 3 days into their honeymoon, I am obviously pleased for them but they just kept saying "We wasn't even really trying"....."It happened so quickly"!! I could have screamed and walked out, they know all about our struggles. Then Sunday evening DH's friend sent us a message that they were also expecting....! At this point I had to laugh as it just felt like a cruel joke on us!

Yesterday I was just completely numb, I had about an hours sleep. I had a bit of meltdown at work today and cried in the toilets for a bit, luckily my boss was out! lol

But we heard today that we are good to go for Wednesday @ 8.35am! Still only have 3-4 follicles. 2 really good ones and 2 slightly under but all my blood work came back good! :) :)

Feeling a little scared about the EC but I am sure it will be fine! Hopefully as I only have a couple of follicles they wont be poking around for too long!

Fingers crossed that we get some eggs and that they do the business!

We only need 1 :)

Good luck, positive thoughts and baby dust to everyone whatever stage you are!!


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  • Good Luck and don't worry about egg collection it's fine the waiting for the phone call the next day is the hard part xxx

  • Thank you! god I hadn't even thought of that part yet!! lol x

  • good luck! You sound so strong. I can't believe how some people don't think before opening their mouths when telling you how easily they fall on. You sound to have handled it really well. Hope all goes well with EC. You are totally right, it really does only take one. Best wishes xx

  • Thank you. Feeling so much better today about it all, think I just need to let it out! Good luck for your scan on 2nd March :)

  • Completely understand the upset and frustration you feel about your sister in law, particularly given they knew about your own position. I really hope you can put it behind you and focus on yourself and your EC. Hope it all goes well for you. Sending lots of positive vibes. X

  • Thank you MrsB. Yes totally putting myself first and relaxing now! Hubby ran me a bath last night and got me all my favourite treats :) x

  • Glad to hear it, good luck for tomorrow, let us know how you get on. x

  • I hope everything goes well on Wednesday Taylor, try not to focus on the number of follicles, it's the quality of eggs that matters. The process itself is over very quickly and the nurses and embryologists are always so lovely. Let us know how you get on x x x

  • Thank you so much! Thinking of you during your 2ww and sending lots of baby dust :) xx

  • All sounds positive... wishing you the best of luck for Wednesday. Just look after yourself and rest rest rest. Not sure if you would like but the wife during this process was listening to some relaxing music, but we ( well her more so) was recommended to listen to "bree taylor Molyneaux"... it's basically like a hypnotheorohy type thing during Ivf.

    It's available on Spotify if you have that.

  • Thank you! I have found it on apple music, so will give it a try! Loved your scan pic yesterday, how amazing!! xx

  • I didn't really remember about egg collection as the sedation completely knocked me out. It's funny when you come round in a different place and ask how you got there and they tell you you moved yourself on to the wheely bed! The drugs affect your memory and as far as I was concerned I had been awake through the whole thing.

    It was sore afterwards but no worse than period pains so a hot water bottle helped. I kept falling asleep all the rest of the day - couldn't keep my eyes open!

    I might try the relaxing music at a different point though!

  • Did you just see Lucky17 post..the best ever news and truth indeed that it does only take oneπŸ˜€growth continues up until ec so just relax and grow grow..ex is very quick and painless..just back from my second ec today and enjoying having dh run after me while I chill on sofa..good luck on wed xx

  • I know!! Such good news, so many BFPs lately! Hopefully something in the air :)

    Fab news about your 3 embies! Thinking of you xx

  • Believe me when I say... I've never ran so many choirs then I have since my wife's EC & ET and even still lol Vic

  • It will continue lol πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆLucky lady to have you!! xoxo

  • Believe me when I say... I've never ran so many choirs then I have since my wife's EC & ET and even still lol Vic

  • I know the feeling announcements everywhere!!

    I had a scan today and booked in for EC friday! We are literally so close in the stages! Best of luck! I really hope you get some good eggs!!!

    Keep positive :) xx

  • Ah fab news!! Good luck for friday!! So nice to have someone around the same time! xx

  • Yeah is nice to know others are going through the same if you know what I mean and able to share experiences!

    Hope your meds are going ok?

    So EC for tomorrow still?

    I have a scan tomorrow to check on track for Fridays EC X

  • Sounds promising, good luck it all goes well and your journey continues successfully, exciting times!! xoxo

  • Thank you! Congrats on your twins, so lovely! Nice for all us at the beginning of this journey to see :) x

  • Thank you hun, it's a tough journey for all of us but I need to believe it will all be worth it, we'll only get through by positive thinking and sheer determination! xoxo

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