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Afternoon all, myself and DH signed our consent forms on Friday with a private clinic in Glasgow as BHS were taking way too long! Anyway, it was mentioned about cutting back or cutting out exercise,

I currently go to the gym 4 times a week, squat & deadlift with 60kg & everything else is weight based resistance work. The nurse said that I wouldn't be doing that but I'm unsure whether or not that means to reduce the weight or just cut it out completely! Can anyone help please?

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  • Hi Lorraine,

    Some of us were discussing this just the other day - if you scroll down you might be able to find it, but basically I would cut back a bit once you start your down-reg drugs and then completely (apart from walking and gentle stretching) once you start your stimulation drugs. Most importantly, don't exercise at any stage if you are feeling too tired because your body will be working v hard as it is. Maybe check to see what your clinic advise too. Masses of luck with it all xxx

  • Thanks alicerw- hopefully get a call today from the clinic with my timetable so I will double check!

  • Hi Lorraine

    I am in Glasgow too. I was advised that it was fine until I started stimms. I did what advised on both our cycles. Tbh you will prob end up quite tired at certain points during your cycle. Good luck x

  • Hi,

    Thanks- will need to play it by ear I think!!

  • Hi Lorraine, I'm currently on ICSI long protocol and up until the past couple of days I didn't feel the need to stop exercising (2-3 days a week, fairly intense) - in fact I found it helped with the lethargy the down reg drugs induced - although I had to control some headaches with paracetamol and lots of water.

    I started the simulation drugs on Fri and it is this stage that you are told to avoid impact exercise - not only could you find it uncomfortable/painful with your ovaries getting so large but I believe there is a risk of them twisting.

    I continued to be active and exercise until yesterday because I really wanted to keep my routine (and sanity), however I started to feel quite bloated, yucky and sore; I've also had some pretty intense dizzy spells while doing more than recommended (working in the allotment and strength training). So I'm really going to try doing as I'm told until I feel like me again!

    Hope your treatment goes smoothly xx

  • Thanks, expecting a call today from the clinic with timetable so will confirm. Would rather not give up gym at the moment if I don't have to - I worry about putting on weight as I've just lost 3 stone to get this started!

  • I don't blame you - well done on your weight loss, I managed 1 stone and that was hard enough. You definitely should be fine to continue up until stimulation and then just listen to your body and be more cautious. When you do have to give up the high impact exercise for a week or two just keep reminding yourself of the end goal โค๏ธ

  • Lol I didn't know bhs had rebranded selling ivf๐Ÿ˜‚made me chuckle which I needed๐Ÿ˜€typos on this thing are awful. Just wanted to wish you luck xx

  • I saw it when I submitted it but figured out that everyone would know!!! Tbh though - might have had better luck with BHS!!!!

  • Hello,

    Good luck with your progress, I had ICSI successfully in Dec prior to which I swam 5/6 times per week at a fairly competitive rate, as soon as my treatment started I was advised to stop and continue not going for the first 12 weeks, I think it's best to get them to clarify exactly what they meant I found that sometimes I left quiet confused, but our clinic had a great nurses direct email and I found asking them helped put my mind at rest,

    Best of luck xx

  • Hi lala85,

    Yes it's so confusing, I've been scouring forums over the last few days & for every one that says you can exercise there's another one that says you can't!!

    Hopefully I should be getting a call today from the clinic detailing out my timetable so I will ask then!

    Congratulations on your successful treatment, hope the rest of your journey goes smoothly! Xx

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