Confused with Ivf result

So two days after official test date and a positive test Saturday..... I tested again this morning just to be sure!!! The line was so much fainter than Saturday!!! I was heartbroken for the second time thinking is this all over??!!!! So I phoned the doctors as I haven't confirmed to my clinic if it's positive or not yet, the doctors got me in and have now done a blood yet check the hormone level increases and want me back on Wednesday to do another test followed by a telephone appointment on Thursday to confirm the results!! I'm so scared!!!

I phoned the clinic when I got home and explained, she asked me if i had been flr a wee in the night I said yes twice and she then told me this is why they do not recommend testing at home daily..... As long as there is no bleeding all is good!!! I am now told only to test weekly!!!!

I'm so confused and so scared I don't wAnt to be negative nor do I want to get hurt!! X x x

Any one else had this???

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  • You must be so tense worrying. I have had the two day blood tests before and it's torture waiting. Basically if the pregnancy is continuing they expect to see your hcg levels double when they do the second test in two days. You're still very early on so if your urine was week a feint test is possible and doesn't necessarily mean the worst. Try to stay positive, as long as you feel ok there's no reason to suspect anything Is wrong and if you hadn't done the test you wouldn't have even suspected anything. I know its hard to keep wondering what going on in there though! Keep the faith! Will be keeping everything crossed for you x

  • Hey Lucy26, I'm sorry I can't offer you any advice from experience as we are still in the first stages of our IVF referral, but I just wanted to say that after browsing through your posts I am very inspired by how positively you seem to have been dealing with this process. If I were you I would listen to what the clinic have to say as let's face it, they know best! It must be so hard not to think of this constantly and worry yourself silly that you might not be pregnant, but try to stay as positive as you have been so far, I am convinced that a positive attitude has an impact on these things somehow! It sounds like you have a lovely supportive husband and that you're doing everything right, try and relax and distract yourself a bit and hold on to what the clinic have said :) Also, even if it's a faint line, a line is still a line remember! Lots of luck (even though I am sure you don't need it!) x

  • Thank you girls this is the worst part because it's that constant doubt!!! Although I keep thinking am I really pregnant??? Just seems to have been a dream for so long. I am positive but I'm so afraid of letting people down, and none of my friends or family truely understand any of it they jut see the pound signs that have gone into it!!! They are all so supportive but everyone on here is going through the same or slightly differnt journeys!!! I am very much clinging on to the hope of the clinic and pray that my levels are so low it's all going as it should!!! I can't go on 4 weeks waiting for a scan wondering. I was thinking of going privately for the hcg tests anyway so this has saved me a job!!! I wish you all the luck girls, if not first time for us then one day, we just can't give up. X x x love to you all x x

  • This process is so flipping complex! I'm at a point now where I literally cannot believe people get pregnant naturally as it seems like such a mammoth feat after becoming so immersed in the whole infertility journey ha! Keeping everything crossed for you - keep us posted & like you say, don't give up! x

  • Your so right!!! It's frustrating!!! It's a different world we are all in!!! Kind of wishing I didn't do another test today but I can't change that now. Never ever felt so helpless!!! X x x

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