2WW struggling

Hi everyone, I hope your all having a good Mother's Day, and that your not finding it too difficult.

I keep having this AF feeling that and it's driving me crazy!! I am also having slight dizzy spells and the occasional painful twinge in my left side, it's too late to be implantation pains now as transfer was on Monday. No sore boobs, nothing else apart from these. I just feel so sad at the thought it hasn't worked. Trying to remain positive and relaxed but it's so hard πŸ˜ͺ

Wishing everyone the best in their journeys. Xx

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  • Keep positive BillieJean. Big hugs x

  • Thank you, I'll try! Xx

  • I know its easy to say but keep positive getting stressed out could make it worse. You could still easily get a positive. Good luck xx

  • Thank you, I really hope so, praying for it to happen for us this time. Xx

  • Ahh it's so hard isn't it! I've pretty much started AF so I've lost all hope now. Keeping fingers crossed for you xxx

  • It's horrible, so difficult especially on Mother's Day. So sorry to hear about AF have you tested yet? Hoping all is ok for you πŸ€ xx

  • No I've not tested yet, OTD is on Friday so trying to hold off. AF is still knocking on my door and realistically will arrive properly any minute now but I'm trying to keep the hope alive! Hope you had a better day today xxx

  • Hey hun, hang in there hun you're doing fine. Im in the same boat, the only symptom so far has been a bit of light headedness this morning. Like you I feel like AF is on its way and because im using progesterone pessaries I keep going to the toilet thinking I might be bleeding. Every day seems to stretch out forever. My test day isnt till Thursday, when is yours?

  • Thank you! It's such a horrible time. My test day isn't until Saturday - feels so long away, especially when your feeling like this. I'm also on the progesterone pessaries and I have heard they can cause a similar feeling, but this feels to be going on too much to be that. Fingers crossed for us both, good luck for Thursday! Xx

  • Hi Billiejean,

    You're definitely not on ur own with this one. I'm due to test on the 31st and have been doing "ok" til today!...

    This morning I woke up completely breathless with a tight chest that I occasionally used to get before a heavy period, my sore bb (which I never get) disappeared and then at lunchtime my "normal" cramps and twinges that previously came and went, became more af like (a much more sore, heavy constant ache) and when I went to the toilet I found the tiniest fleck of blood when I wiped!! Since then I've been beside myself as I just feel like it's over....my af would be due tomorrow or Tuesday anyway so I'm 90% sure that's it for me πŸ˜“...really hope u hang in there & get your bfp!!

    Much love xxx

  • The 2ww wait is the worst, I'm sorry your feeling so panicked, could it not be implantation bleed? We just have to try to remain positive and strong, I know it's much easier said than done but everything else is out of our control. Praying that all is well for you! My test day is the Saturday, feels so long away to keep feeling like this. Fingers crossed all will be well for us. Xx

  • The af pains stopped again overnight and today I have no symptoms except for a feeling like a pulled muscle to the left on my stomach. Its soooo hard isn't it? Tbh I'd go through the treatment 10 x if it meant I never had to go through the 2ww again.

    At least I'm at work today so little time to think about it!

    C'mon Friday/Sat!! (Weird to think I'll know either way before the weekend!)


  • Hello, how are you feeling today? I'm still having on/off AF pains but still nothing (fingers crossed it remains that way!) I spoke to the clinic today and they said a lot of women come to them experiencing similar feelings, it could go either way. Xx

  • Hey! I'm in the same boat. Actually had no symptoms tonight but my af type cramps have just started again...plus I just been to the loo and I swear there was the faintest of pink tinges on the paper πŸ™ˆ...At this stage I just can't call it. My ovaries are still hurting a bit from egg collection so that doesn't help and I had a pounding headache again this morning. Just wanna know either way now so I can get off the crazy train!!

    Not long now! πŸ˜„πŸ˜†πŸ˜¨


  • Am in the same situation test day is Thursday. Try an stay positive hope all goes well for you xx

  • Thank you Katrina, wishing you all the best for Thursday - not too long left now. Xx

  • Hey I had my bfp last week and Iv had Constant period like cramps it's so worrying but I think it's all normal! Good luck wishing you all the best for test day x

  • Thank you Emma, this is reassuring, I can't help but read into everything twinge or cramp that occurs. Congratulations on your bfp, that's fantastic news! going to try to stay positive. Xx

  • Keep strong and positive β€πŸŒˆπŸ’‹

  • Thank you, I'm going to try 😊 xx

  • Ah keep strong... Cramps can actually be a positive result as this is how it feels... Also not too late to be implantation bleed as the time gap for that quite broad... Positive thoughts... It is so hard... I know in 2ww...not long now. Lots of love xxx

  • Thank you, this has made me feel a little bit better, my test day isn't until Saturday so still feels so long away. I'm going to try to remain postive and strong until then, but my mood is so erratic at the moment I'm not sure how long it will last!

    Best of luck for your result! Really hope this works for you. Xx

  • We are exactly the same timeframe, and I lost my mind yesterday! The 2ww is the most awful time, so you have my absolute sympathy! Fingers crossed we both get our BFPs on Saturday!!! Hang on in there (easy to say, do as I say, not as I do!!!!) πŸ’œxx

  • It's so easy to lose your mind in these two weeks, I've already burst into tears twice this morning with fear that it hasn't worked! It just so feels like AF will happen any moment. I hope your feeling better now, I know you had a little scare yesterday. πŸ€πŸ€ xx

  • Fingers crossed that u still get ur BFP xxx

  • Thank you! Xx

  • Stay strong billiejean, I hope those AF feelings are all good signs πŸ™πŸΌ x x x

  • Thank you mommabear, trying so hard to remain positive, praying it works this time! I hope your doing ok. Xx

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