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2ww torture!

Hi ladies

I'm 11dp 5dt of two grade 2 and 3 embryos & pretty much since day 2 I've been feeling so much like AF is about to arrive. Periody cramps, lower back pain (which I don't usually get), and lots of twinges. I'm noticing more cramps at night I think and I am constantly rushing to the loo thinking my period has arrived - it's almost like I think I can literally feel it coming out! Maybe that's the pessaries!

It's just so so tough the whole not knowing, & having never been pregnant before I have no idea what the symptoms are like.

One minute I think to myself that yes, I think it's perhaps worked and I actually am preggers, & then inevitably I get ahead of myself imagining me & my husb seeing the positive test etc, then the next I'm convinced it's failed & it will be back to the drawing board. It's so up & down. Been feeling tired, rather windy (!), weeing lots and got tender-ish boobs, but am putting most of that down to the progesterone pessaries.

Anyway, not sure why I've written all this down I suppose I'm hoping someone will tell me they experienced these symptoms & got prego I guess!

Wishing everyone reading this lots of luck with their journeys X

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Good luck hunni I test 23rd I'm 4dp6dt today 😊 when is your official test day? Is it bloods or hpt? I debating weather to test early on Monday I'll be 7dp6dt then good luck I hope you get your bfp. I can't really answer any of your questions cause I'm on a completely natural cycle so I don't no what side affects your medication can give you xx


Ah thanks so much Sophie :) My official test date is Sunday (18th). I know it's really tempting - I don't know how I've managed to hold out - but i just don't think testing early is worth it. If it's negative it will only disappoint you and you'll be even more stressed until OTD, and if it's positive it will still be stressful worrying in case it's a chemical pregnancy or something..! But I suppose you have done a natural cycle so you won't have the hormones in your system. Argh it's all a bloody nightmare isn't it. How are you feeling so far? Wishing you lots of luck for your BFP! X


Being pregnant kinda feels the same as when you're about to get your period, from using pessaries my biggest indicator for me was where my cervix was and I thought, now how reliable is this really, and I tested 2 days early too cuz I'm rubbish at waiting, but also because I thought I can't get a no and then pop into work and just get on with my day, I know myself way better than that! The 2ww is just rubbish ;-) hang in there, not long to go.xx


Thanks Kat. Crikey I have no idea what my cervix feels like... Haven't noticed much when using the pessaries I don't think. Yeah I have no idea how I've managed to resist testing, only one more day to get through now! Xx


He he, only that I read every inch of text I could find about indicators. Unreachable is good, anyway, got everything crossed for you.xxx

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Hi Pennyprimrose. I had all those symptoms and was constantly checking the loo roll after I wiped for signs of Aunty flow and she never arrived. I am now 7 weeks and 2 days preggers. X x good luck xxx

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Thanks Jojo, that's really reassuring to hear - and congratulations!!! Hopefully I'll have the same outcome as you Xx


Thank you. Keeping everything crossed for you xxx


Hey darl my last go I had I had sore boobs feeling sick etc convinced I was pregnant bit wasn't. The meds think it's the pessaires that can make you have sore boobs and symtoms .

This time I'm pregnant with 0 symptoms

About a week after transfer I got some pains in my tummy and lower back for about an hour or so and then went. Smelly wee but that's it

Everyone's different try not to symptom spot I did and it drove me mad x

By day 6 of transfer convinced I wasn't I and tested positive

Good luck x


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