Well, wish me luck!

We're back home after I had ET. 10 got to a blastocyst stage, 3 were transferred. AA+ quality. I now begin to practice thinking that it was my embryos. even though it is unlikely, but it won't hurt anyone, right?

Now, it is 2ww and then it's going to be a challenge harder than any other one - to wait till my baby is born. I really want it to happen but due to my past, I cannot even hope for it without feeling doubtful. But I am trying really hard.

so in two weeks, I am having my hCG test. so we'll see if it has worked this time or not...

oh my...

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  • Hi btsd. Just wanted to wish you well as you wait for your test date. At least your little embies are back inside you where they belong. Have a good rest when you can. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you very much!!!!!!

    Hah, yeah, they are home :) Just wishing they stay there for the whole pregnancy! :3

    Love xoxox

  • Good luck! Leave your worries behind and enjoy the moment! I am sure it is really hard for you but give it a try! It is better to think positive right now and not to get upset over nothing!


  • Thank you very much! Fingers crossed I am going to get there, over 2ww with two huuuuge lines on tests (yeah, I have bought already tests and eagerly waiting till I have a chance to use them).


  • Good luck!!! :) x

  • Wishing you luck xxx

  • Good luck 😊

  • Wish u good luck. I'm also 2ww

  • Well done and I have all my fingers and toes crossed for a brilliant result for you!!

  • Thank you everyone! Means a lot to me to read your commentary!

    Lots of love! xoxoxo

  • Good luck πŸ€ X

  • Best of luck!xx

  • Cannot express my gratitude for that amount of support! Really appreciate this!

    Hope every one of you is doing great!


  • Best of luck honey! Fingers crossed!


  • Thank you very much I am now on the 9th day and I am so eager to make a test but I do not want to upset myself, my manager said that it is better to wait until it is 14 days post transfer and then have a test so I am following her advice and waiting till this 2ww hell is over. I am praying for BFP, there is nothing I want more at the moment. I believe, it is not that hard to understand, as you have had your struggles and as for me waiting for my own hcg test is a lot easier than waiting till your manager sends you an update and tells if your surrogate mother is pregnant or not.

    Fingers crossed.

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