Tempting Raging Fuming

Tempting Raging Fuming

I'm sooo annoyed😣

Today we've had a letter from NHS saying they have now changed the criteria for male fertility IVF and although my OH's BMI is over 30 we now qualify for FREE treatment. (He was told in Oct they couldn't treat us unless he lost weight)This is so 6 months after they told us we didn't and having spent £7K on private treatment and there is sod all we can do about it. NHS Wales is a joke!!

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  • That's shocking to say the least.... surely something can be done to recup the rxoense you've occurred Buffy

  • Nah our choice to go private they'll say...also he could have lost weight and they've have treats us no issues they would say..we best now just keep quiet as if they know we've had a successful private cycle we won't qualify. Not saying we'll need to use them but if we did we best say nothing. It really is a big fat joke!

  • Nhs is such hassle!

    I had private cycle which was unfortunately unsuccessful, because I only went private at the time as told I was under 30 wrong postcode I went private 6 years later I'm on he NHS and I've cause I went private I'm only allowed 2 funded on NHS,

    Good luck with your cycle xx

  • Shocking!! Even if you hadn't gone private, you still would've lost all this time.. beggars belief! But I guess rather than dwelling on it, indeed best to keep quiet just in case but fingers crossed you won't need them xoxo

  • Yes exactly and I know I wouldn't have wanted another clinic and the outcome of my treatment but still it's a lot if money!xx

  • I get the feeling that the NHS will do almost anything to get out of providing funded cycles. I would be very angry to receive a letter like you've had after paying for private treatment too! Wishing you lots of luck with your 2 cycles though xxx

  • So frustrating for u 😡 Maybe they wouldn't have got u the result u have now tho so maybe fate played a hand. Hard not to feel cross about it tho xxx

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