EC done ✅

Afternoon everyone, I just thought I would update you and share my news seeing as I can't tell my friends.

But they collected 17 eggs! The clinic have just called to say they have managed to inject 15 of them, which is fantastic news, me and my partner were so shocked, bearing in mind we never got this far last time, the mobility of his sperm isn't great but we're all alive, so the embryologist said that's the good thing with icsi as once they are injected they don't have to move, so fingers crossed now for our next step of our journey, the horrible wait for our next call tomorrow morning to find out how many have actually formed into embryos.

EC wasn't actually as bad as I thought but certainly a little sore this afternoon.

Thank you for listening xxx

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  • amazing news!! Keep positive for tomorrow all will be good Im sure of it, make sure you rest today x

  • Thank you, All I've done is sleep today lol drying to drink as much water as possible so I dont ohs. Xx

  • Im still on loads of water now they told me at my egg transfer my ovaries were still gigantic (her words haha) so Im airing on the cautious side xx

  • Well done, bet your super pleased. Looks like I'm 24 hours behind you. Great result- 15!x

  • Also can I ask did you have gas & air or IV sedation?x

  • Thank you, yes I was really happy with the result, I was sedated but either way is fine as the injections down below numb the area sedation your still awake and the same with the gas and air, good luck for tomorrow, they are all lovely in there xx

  • Thank you, it's nice to hear from someone who has experienced the same clinic.x

  • You will be fine, it was over so quickly, and the embryologist is lovely xx

  • That's excellent news, keeping my fingers crossed for you. 🙏🏻

  • Thank you Hun 🤞 X

  • That's fantastic news, keeping my fingers crossed for the phone call tomorrow xx

  • Thank you so much xx

  • This is amazing super happy for you!

    I had the same amount of eggs out and I was in agony.

    I have everything crossed for you xx

  • Thank you lovely, I'm certainly in quite a bit of pain but my hot water bottle is helping. how many of yours went into embryos? Xxx

  • In the end I had a totally if 7 xxx

    One in the oven and 6 in the freezer 😂

  • That's amazing to hear, well I got the call this morning that 10 out of 15 have fertilised so just need them to keep developing xx

  • Fingers crossed for you x

  • Thank you x

  • Delighted to hear this news, what a difference from last time! Fingers crossed for lots of embies for transfer and freezing X

  • I know isn't it just Hun!! I'm so chuffed we have got this far, now to just keep everything crossed and hope just at least some make it through the night. Hope you are ok? Xxx

  • It's just super! I feel really positive for you, such a good number in your EC it's looking good for Tom. We had r review appoint today and start our 2nd go with a FET in a few weeks, nervous and excited all mixed up! Be sure to let us know r good news for Tom x

  • Yeah I will definitely keep you updated lovely. It's so hard to get excited, but I will feel a lot better after tomorrow mornings phone call to let me know how they are doing and how many has made it through the night, and what grading they are given so far, she said she will tell me my transfer day tomorrow too 👍 Xx

  • Will have everything crossed 🙏☘

  • Thank you, I will give you a message tomorrow x

  • Oh great news!! Well done. Just rest up and make sure your being looked after 😀 Good luck with the call tomorrow too xx

  • Thank you lovely, yeah I've been in bed since I got home, my OH has been great bless him xx

  • Aww that's awesome Emma, I wish you guys all the best and we are all hoping and praying fur you guys. Before you know it, you'll be ready for ET.

    Stay calm, be positive ok

  • Thank you so much, fingers crossed our little babies make it through the night. I hope you guys are doing ok too 👍 And 2017 is our year xx

  • For sure. Good thoughts ok Emma, I'm sure they'll fight through the night and make you very proud. Please keep us all update.

  • I certainly will, I and keeping everything crossed that some make it through 🤞X

  • Amazing news! I had 17 eggs and icsi too and ended up with 5 frosties! I'm now 11 weeks pregnant with my 2nd baby from that cycle- both were fets. That is a great number and I'm sure it will bring you your long awaited baby. I'm an atheist so I thank science (!) every day for my little miracles xxx

  • Awww congratulations, and thank you for sharing your story, I just hope with my partners sperm not great that it has made us at least one embryo xxx

  • Hi Emma- Jane that's brilliant news. I has EC yesterday and had 18 follicles. Waiting until 10.30 this morning to contact the clinic to see how many were injected and have survived to this stage. Unfortunately I'm very sore and have had to up my paracetamol to co-codomol. Hoping you get good news and ET goes well for you xxx

  • Wow congratulations to you for getting so many, my clinic said they would call me about 10 ish, I look forward to your up date to see how many embryos you have 🤞🍀

    As for the pain I'm with you in that one, mine got worst through the day once the sedation wore off and I've found using a hot water bottle has worked a treat xxx

  • I'm using a beanie but it's not really helping. DH has gone to work today so hoping I don't get as sick as I did last time round as I've no way to the hospital. Are you also high risk of OHHS? xx

  • Yes I am, they have said drink plenty of water, I wasn't aloud the Diclofenac as I'm allergic so I had only paracetamol for pain!! But I've just been in bed ever since getting home and not moved which has worked a treat.

    I am at higher risk of ohs so just praying that doesn't happen else I will have to wait a month or so for ET! But touch wood so far so good xxx

  • Amazing news so happy for you!! Stay positive 🍀🍀

  • Thank you for you kind words xx

  • Brilliant news so pleased for you both x good luck x

  • Thank you Hun xx

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