Brilliant appointment with doctor!

Hi ladies and gents.

I had a very successful appointment with the doctor tonight.

He was so efficient and so good. I remember speaking to him at 111 and him listening well.

The outlook from the appointment I have several blood tests to do on Monday- including coeliac disease. I have to do an urine sample and a poo sample-there's my dignity gone again! πŸ˜‚ And is talking about ordering a ctv scan. I've been prescribed macrogol to take to help. Told to stop pain killers-tbh they're not helping that much with pain.

I just want to thank everyone for their support and it giving me the courage to fight. I couldn't have done it without you. ❀️ Amazing bunch of ladies πŸ’—βœ¨πŸ’«βœ¨πŸ’«


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  • It sounds like getting a second opinion was well worth it. Let's hope that you are soon feeling better.

  • Thank you pm27-amazing what a second opinion can do!!!! Appreciate the kind words of support x

  • I am glad your appointment went well honey, but sorry to hear your in pain at moment i hope it soon passes good luck sweetie hope it continues to be positive for you! xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thank you Liz1985 for the kind words. I've had ongoing pain for 10 weeks now. GP on Monday threw his hands in the air and after steroid injection proved unsuccessful told me "it was just tummy pain and nothing could be done" well the doctor I saw tonight didn't agree... 😏

    Hopefully will get some answers soon.

    How are things going your end? X

  • Hi Honey...

    Had my consultation today for fet so hopefully will begin on next cycle fingers crossed i hope this new doctor gets to the bottom of it for you sweetie and quick! good luck xxxxxxxxxxxx

  • How weird I just saw your post and was about to edit my reply!

    All the very best with your cycle. I really wish you two magic lines at the end of this. Fet has good success rate-I think it's better as there is less pressure on the body.

    Good news all round x

  • Yay! That is much better, more proactive news Jess. It is amazing how just moving in the right direction can give one such a mental boost! :)

    Here's to the end of all your trouble and hopefully some answers soon xx

  • Thank you county cat it was just nice to be listened to and taken seriously. I found my GP very rude and patronising- Tummy pain indeed! 😑 I think I'll follow this doctor-he sounds like he'll get to the bottom of this x I definitely couldn't have done this without you lovely ladies πŸ˜ƒ How things with you? X

  • What a brilliant response from getting your second opinion, it really sounds like this doctor may know what there doing. So I will keep my fingers crossed for you that they get to the bottom of this for you xxxx

  • Thank you Emma-Jane he was very efficient . He acted like how all doctors should be but aren't. I'm so pleased to be taken seriously and has made me see we do have a health service that can work well. Think I might follow this doctor.

    Thanks for the words of support very appreciated.

    How are things going your end? X

  • Yeah definitely stay with this doctor kind of re stores your faith.

    Well it's all on hold at the mo as we are now having to save for it!! It's so much to have to save for just one go which may not work. It's just horrible!!!


  • Urgh I know how you feel-we don't qualify for IVF as I have an 18 year old from previous relationship. So we will have to either save up or get a loan for something that may or not work. It's so scary when there are no guarantees. But I suppose we have to have hope and know we gave it our best shot. Nothing ventured nothing gained. I will keep everything crossed that your next round you get two magic lines 😘 Sometimes it's nice to have that little break from it all-it really can drain you. Emotionally I have felt much better in myself for not trying sounds so bad. 😳

    Thanks for the support hunni x

  • Yeah having a break has done me wonders, we've booked a holiday in June to get away, which I'm really looking forward too.

    Do you think you will come of clomid and try ivf? Xxx

  • So pleased to read this and what a fabulous doctor, shame they are not all like this one xx

  • I know isnt it just-this is how all doctors should be. He gave me faith our health service can work well still. 😊 Bless him he was apologising he couldn't do what a nice guy.

    I hope your 2ww is going ok and not driving you too crazy! X

  • He sounds lovely, my GP has always been supportive it makes such a difference.

    Feeling ok at the min but there's time yet πŸ˜‚

  • It's so important to have that support especially going through this.

    I'm glad to hear your GP is supportive of you.

    All the best with the rest of your 2ww hope it brings you two lines πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

  • Finally someone who has listened and treated you with the dignity you deserved. My niece has been diagnosed with coeliac disease and is getting on well. Once your blood test is back they will need to do a biopsy to confirm it via an endoscopy. Don't want to worry you but after your previous treatment would rather you had lots of info. Good luck

  • Thank you Lucyloo81 for kind words of support. That info is very helpful to know.

    I hope all is going well with you. X

  • I'm good thanks Jess just trying to get healthy and wait for my next round. Take care xx

  • Hey Jess1981 that's so good you're being heard and also they are doing tests. They will be able to establish what's wrong whether it's Chrons, Coeliac, Ulcerative Colitis or none of the above, are all manageable if you know what they are. This is great news.

    Keep us posted with your news xxx

  • Thank you Hannah it makes such a difference being listened to and havinb my concerns taken seriously -instead of being fobbed off. And like you said once they know what is causing it then it can be treated-it's not knowing that is hard.

    How are things your end?


  • Hi Jess1981. This doctor sounds much better and I'm so glad that he listened to you and was proactive and is doing more investigations. Thanks for keeping us updated and I really hope you get to the bottom of this soon so you won't be in any more pain. xx

  • Thank you lovely -I wouldn't have had the strength to go back without the support of this forum.

    Will be using this doctor to get to the bottom of this-he was great even apologied for not being able to do more. I thought he did a lot -so I thanked him and told him so.

    If only there were more doctors like him-we would all feel listened to and treated with dignity and respect.

    How are things going your end? X

  • All is well here thanks Jess. I think that your new doctor sounds great and I think you should definitely stick with him. Hope you are feeling a bit better now. Thinking of you x

  • That sounds very thorough! I think you will get to the bottom of it all now! What a huge difference it makes when you have a good doctor! Xxx

  • Dosent it just?! I'm sticking with him through this investigation stage-I think hell get to the bottom of it.

    How are you doing? X

  • Glad someone is finally taking action!! Hope they sort out ur pain asap!! Hugs xx

  • Thanks 72clouds -I wouldn't have got there if it wasn't for you lovely ladies ☺️

    Will stick with this doctor over this.

    How are things with you?


  • Found yesterday a bit tough which surprised me as has never affected me b4 but I'm on the pill now getting ready for FET may so trying to stay focussed xxx

  • Yeah it's a tough day. It's bittersweet for me-I have a great supportive mum,an 18 year old son. I find occasions like that brings it into such focus. I love Christmas but I find so hard -I think what we would be doing with a little one and it churns you up dosent it?

    Wishing you the very best with the fet and truly hope it is successful.


  • Thanks Hun & hope this pain is sorted for u soon so u can get back to focussing on other things xxx

  • Ahhh Im so glad that it went well Jess and you got a good listener, some Dr's have no bedside manner at all! Hopefully some answers are not too far away!xx

  • Some doctors are just plain rude!!!! πŸ˜‚

    He's the past-I have a doctor who is determined to get to the bottom of this 😊

    Thanks for the support it means a lot to me.

    How are you anyway?


  • Great stuff Jess, onwards and upwards!! Im good thank you. Just waiting to start cycle 3 which will be around Mid May so not too far away and off on holiday at the end of April so hopefully a good start to things!xx

  • That sounds lovely. I hope you have a great time. Where are you going?


  • Thank you, a wee cheeky week in Turkey, cant wait!😊 Hopefully it will be nice and sunny and we can kick off this new cycle with a good start! Hang on in there with your journey!xx

  • I am glad you got a better outcome with this doctor Jess keep pushing for answers xx

  • Will stick with this doctor till this all resolved at least.

    Thank you for the support.

    How are you holding up? I hope your appointment went well last week.


  • I didn't attend as my epilepsy had been really bad the night before and I was shattered from so many seizures . Thank you for asking though.

    And your more than welcome xx

  • Sorry to hear your epilsepsy is playing up. I hope it calms down soon. X

  • Thank you Jess xx

  • So happy to hear you're finally being taken seriously with the ongoing health problems, it makes such a difference to have a doctor supporting and listening your concerns! I was diagnosed with inflammable bowel disease some years ago but to get there I had to change GP's and have endless tests month after month.. I so hope you're on your way to proper diagnosis and treatment now. Wish you the best of luck and lots of hugs xoxo

  • Thank you so much for such supportive words. I'm touched.πŸ’

    I'm sorry that you had to go through that. It's awful when doctors don't listen or take you seriously. You feel so deflated -my GP called it "tummy pain nothing he could do" -like I'd bother the doctors with something that trivial πŸ™„.

    They should all be as good and efficient as the doctor I saw Thursday.

    It's not ok for them to dismiss us in pain . I can't believe how many ladies on this site haven't been had their health concerns taken seriously. Like fighting with infertility isn't enough πŸ™„ I used to think it was just me...

    some good news today-I can stick with this doctor as he has started running tests-my practice is two surgeries and he's at the other surgery. πŸ˜ƒ

    I think you just need answers so that you can then know what you're dealing with and know what to do or not to do!

    Hope the pregnancy is going well πŸ’—


  • That's really good news that you can stay with the new doctor, I'm very relieved to hear that, it's been so tough on you. You're absolutely right, in order to move on and get better, you need answers - and a lot of time it starts with ruling out things. I'm on a heavy dose of antibiotics at the moment but it shouldn't affect my pregnancy so all good I think.. I trust my gp lol. Keep us updated on your tests and I hope you get better soon xoxo

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