Urgent advice needed re Marvelon pill please

Urgent advice needed re Marvelon pill please

Hi guys

Really sorry to post such a dumb question but it's been 10 years since i last took the pill & it wasn't Marvelon!! Got to start this tonite in build up to my fet!

It says start on correctly labelled day on pack but I can only see sat & sun labelled (& not in English!!)! All the pills are the same aren't they? I'm not gonna cock anything up by starting at any point on the pack am I?

I probably sound daft but I'm panicking 😩Xxx

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  • They are all the same x

  • Thank u Hun! Just found another forum whilst researching where somebody had a panic about this in 2008!! Lol!!

    Thanks for replying so quick! I knew I was probably being silly but as this is our last shot,don't want to get anything wrong!!!x

    U r a star 😘

  • I was on Marvelon many many years ago though mine were labelled Mon-Sun lol x

  • That would've been easier if mine had been labelled normally! Pill now taken,alarm set to remind me every evening & calm has been restored πŸ˜‚

  • Wow that's a blast from the past for me I was on these years ago! It's Portuguese so Sab will be sabado, or Saturday in English, Dom will be Domingo, or Sunday in English (which you already worked out!) 2af is segunda feira (Monday) and so on... 21 tablets, they are all the same and then you have 7 pill free days xxx

  • Thank u Hun. This is y I panicked -I haven't been on the pill for yonks!! I think I might be taking back to back as I think they are trying to manipulate my cycle so I can fly out for FET on specific days!! At least I can take 2nite now without worrying x

  • Haha I know god must be about ten years since I was on them! Good luck for your treatment lovely where are you off to for it? Xx

  • Yes about 10 years for me to!! Thank u, really hope it works as last shot with 1 embie!! We are dealing with a clinic in Greece but not due back out til end of may.Not long for u now !! X

  • Ah that will soon be here, and you can get some sun whilst you're there too! 2 weeks on Friday for me eeeekk!! Scan next weds to check how my lining is coming along. My skin has broken out this morning so I think the oestrogen is kicking in πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ xxx

  • How strange it's not in English, but like the others have said they are all the same xx

  • Thanks Hun, I think that's what threw me but they got delivered thru a cheaper supplier so I guess I got what I paid for lol!! x

  • Lol as long as it does the job that's what counts. I had to go on the pill to sync with my donor feels weird taking at first after so long off it and trying lol xx

  • I thought it feels weird to plus I also seem to remember weight gain when I was on the pill years ago and I've already put 3/4 stone on during last cycle treatment!!😩 Still it's all in a good cause!!X

  • I felt as was just getting to the point where I had started to gain weight, then came off and felt tons better straight away, so hopefully you won't be on it long xx

  • Think I'll be on it for about 6/7 weeks! Gonna try and start my running next week and try & knock the vino on the head which is a bad habit I got straight back to after my bfn!!

    Good luck for your transfer tomoro hun!! U must be so excited!!!

  • Sounds like you have a plan. I can't wait now so excited xx

  • Best of luck!!! This ones gonna be your BFP!! xxx

  • I took these many years ago they are all the same hunny, good luck with your next cycle you can do itβ€πŸŒˆπŸ’‹

  • Thank u Hun x

  • My pack has the dates in order, in English, complete with directional arrows. I still get confused! x

  • Lol I'm glad to see panic reverted! The thing is that in many countries where you have to pay the going rate for your meds they offer either the branded product or a generic product. It's the same stuff with a different manufacturer and price label. I'm so glad to see you're back in treatment, wish you the very best for your FET and keep us posted! Lots of hugs xoxo

  • Thank u Hun!

    How are you doing? X

  • I'm good so far thanks love, saw my beanies last week at the 10 week scan and waiting for my Harmony test results.. It's a constant challenge between being aware of everything that can go wrong and trying to enjoy being pregnant! Worrying and waiting never ends.. but so far I feel blessed xoxo

  • Ah I know it can be a worrying time!! Hopefully once you get the tests back and get past the 12 weeks you can relax a little more.big hugs xxx

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