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Urgent help needed donor egg

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Hi ladies, so I am here tryimg to start my 3rd cycle. Tests came back so bad had a cry. I only have 3 follicles and hisband sperm sooooo bad. Doctor said consider donor egg.

Can someone please tell me the complete procedure for donor egg? It means kid is not mine? and whats whats the procedure?

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Hi I used a donor egg and it worked first time. , I now have a 3 month baby girl, the procedure was fairly quick and straight forward for me, I had my treatment abroad. I love my daughter soo much and do not think about it biologically as she she grew in me and that’s all that mattered and I brought her into the world., she’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me. I understand everybody has different views. Happy for you to message me if you have any questions or want advice, Google’s luck on your journey.

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Sazzysah in reply to Sazzysah

Sorry good luck, silly spell check😊

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GPmum in reply to Sazzysah

Where did you do it ?

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Sazzysah in reply to GPmum

Spain if you want further details let me know and I will private message you.

Hi there, could you message me details on the clinic you used as well pls. I was thinking about Spain as well, because I heard the waiting is not too long and it’s a bit less expensive than some other countries. Thank you :)

Hi thanks so much for your advice. What part do you have to do? Did you get put on any medication? and what was the exact procedure? Im starting my period in 2 days and I have spent so much money to come abroad.

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Sazzysah in reply to anonmous23

I had to have scans to check the thickness of my cervix, I was then put on the contraceptive pill to get in sync with egg donor, I then had to move onto Estragon patches and progesterone pessaries which are continued until 12 weeks pregnant. To be honest it’s was fairly quick the process, not sure if it’s the same in UK, I hope that makes sense. I had to fully fund my IVF. Good luck.

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anonmous23 in reply to Sazzysah

Ok thank you so much for advice, sorry can i ask when is the transfer done with the egg donor? on which day? And when do patches and progesterone start aftwr transfer? sorry to bother you.

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So for me I went on the pill at which point I think they started donor on injections, then when I started my first day bleed , I had to inform clinic they then told me to start using patches and pessaries, I then had to have scan to check thickness of cervix, as that was ok they then made a date for transfer I can’t remember exact time frame. Once they know your body is ready they will be able to calculate when to retrieve eggs from donor , the clinic told me when and also how many eggs were collected. I had a 5 day Blastacyst transferred , this process was for a fresh egg donor it may be quicker for a frozen egg donor, it took about 28 days in all. Patches and pessaries continue into pregnancy. The clinic will provide you with the details. Sorry it’s long , please message me if there’s anything else you would like to know I’m happy to help if I can 😊

Have look into epergentics too. Xxx

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anonmous23 in reply to Mazzath1

Sorry hun what is this exactly xx

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Mazzath1 in reply to anonmous23

Your have a influence over your baby Gene's. Have a Google of doner egg and epigenetics. Xxx

I donated my eggs and we both got pregnant it was a great outcome. I don’t feel any attachment to her baby. She carried him and is his mother.

The experience for me was easy it was just pressure on the day to get enough eggs for us both. I didn’t want to let her down.


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anonmous23 in reply to MrsH17

Thats such an amazing story does the baby look like you or her?

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MrsH17 in reply to anonmous23

I don’t know as I am not shown a photo or anything like that. However, when I have spoken to women that have had egg donors they have said that people say ‘oh doesn’t he/she look like mummy’ and the reason I think they do this is because mum will have chosen a donor with similar characteristics like skin tone and eye colour but also your children mimic you they pick up your traits and facial expressions. So whether they carry your genetics or not they are mini versions of you xxx

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AliceMoonpie in reply to MrsH17

Do you worry that the child may want to contact you when it's older? Or that your child and the recipient's child may want a relationship when they're older?

So, I was told that I would never conceive with my own eggs, so we went down the donor egg route. Our clinic had a waiting list for donor eggs and told us it was likely to be about 6 months wait and that they were doing a real push for donors. The procedure at our clinic is that when you reach the top of the list you are offered 10 donor eggs. If the donor produces any more than 10, these are offered to the next person on the list. The donor decides if she gives a pen sketch of herself, a bit of information about her life and why she wanted to donate and a little about personality and her family....all kept anonymous though.

So we were offered the 10 eggs and accepted, then the eggs were fertilised with my husband’s sperm via icsi and there was a wait to see how many were successful and the best were graded. We have 4 high quality embryos frozen and waiting to go currently.

I needed to take estrogen and the nasal spray for a period of time to stop my ovulation and get control of my cycle and then then once the embryos are inserted, I would need to use the suppositories, just like the normal ivf process, but with no injections.

There is an amazing feeling of reassurance knowing there are 4 high quality embryos provided by a younger woman waiting and this has helped me to relax more than I have in years. I’ve really let my hair down and enjoyed being with my partner for fun’s sake, rather than continually thinking about conception, which just becomes desperate after years of trying. Just so happened that we fell pregnant naturally, such a surprise and still early doors, so I don’t want to get our hopes up too much that the pregnancy will be successful. But I thought I should share, as that old chestnut about relaxing and having a drink and forgetting about things, although really f*#king frustrating to hear, there is something in it.

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anonmous23 in reply to Eltel81

Oh wow hun what a beautiful story thank you so so much to share what exactly happens with donor eggs. When you have your baby would you still use ypur donor eggs? Xx

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Eltel81 in reply to anonmous23

I’m not sure. The eggs are fertilised by my husband. We will have to figure out whether we need to use them for a sibling or whether we donate on. May need to get some advice xx

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