Another BFP :-)

Yesterday was OTD and we got another BFP :-) booked in for a scan on the 5th of May. Actually can't believe it and I don't think I will until the scan. I have been up all night with awful pains in my stomach I've had the pains for about 2 days but last night it woke me out of my sleep it was that bad. Has anyone else experienced this? I am praying so hard this is normal and nothing is wrong but can't help worrying x

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  • Congrats lovey, not sure about the pains but as long as there's no bleeding you should be fine, hydrate and rest up xx

  • Thank you :-) heading to the hairdressers then I'll be doing just that xx

  • We have a BFP tooo yaaaay ... I had nasty period pains yesterday too .. Keep positive XX

  • Oh my goodness huge congrats 😁 I will do and you do the same :-) exciting times 😁 xx

  • I had pains like this in between my bfp and first scan. Like you, I had some bad ones one night and thought that it must be over. I think it's all down to stretching and the progesterone, so try not to worry. On my first scan we saw twins, so there must have been extra stretching going on! It does seem to be quite normal in first pregnancies especially, it's mentioned in a pregnancy book I have. Congratulations on the bfp - hope the pregnancy goes well! I guess from now on, the babies will be 2017 babies?

  • They are horrible pains 10 times worse than period pains and I got them bad when I rarely got it lol you've scared me now because my husband would love twins and his mum has been keeping me going about them 😊 how far along are you now? Well I done an online calculator and it reckons I'm due Dec 30th. What do you call your book? xx

  • πŸ˜„ We had 2 embryos transferred and were told chances of twins if successful were 1 in 4. It's fairly high odds when you think about it! I'm 28 weeks, so I'm getting there. I've had time to come to terms with the whole twins thing.

    The book was The Irish Pregnancy Book by Peter Boylan. The author is based in the national maternity hospital in Dublin so I figured it must be fairly reliable. I can't find the book now to double check what he wrote but I do remember reading that about stretching in first pregnancies.

  • Aww how lovely :-) thank you I might have to look for this book. I have spoke to friends who have children and they have said the cramps are normal. It's put my mind at ease :) x

  • I had lots of pains like that in my first pregnancy. Don't think they really settled until 7/8 weeks or something. As long as they're not accompanied by bleeding I think it's all normal :-) x

  • Hi, that's good to know have been so worried and I keep getting them but I am telling myself it's a good thing and will be worth it :-) thank you xx

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