1st appointment done ✔

Well our consultant appointment went well yesterday! There was so much information to take in but they advised us to do ICSI which is what we planned for. We can start as soon as we would like so that's great, just need to get finances in order. I know I will be asking lots more questions & looking for advice at each step - so glad I have found this group to help me through it 😊 xx

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  • Good luck with your cycle, I'm hoping to start my 2nd ivf cycle next month :-) x

  • Thank you! Just need to take the leap & start. Good luck with your cycle 😊 xx

  • Lovely! It's so much easier when you know the ins and outs!

  • Hi Pumpkin36. That's good to hear that all is getting under way. As you say, the followers here will support you along the way and prop you up if ever you need "propping". I do hope all goes well for you when you start. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thank you Diane 😊 I really do appreciate all of the support xx

  • Hi Pumpkn36.. Thank you for your kind words. Here to help if ever needed. Diane

  • Good luck with your journey xxx

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