ET done ✔ 2ww begins!

What a day!

Well we have had 2 - 5day blastocysts transferred at lunchtime today. Feeling ok but it's been emotional.

I had a phone call at work​ from the embryologists to say that only 3 of our Embies made it to blastocyst. One of them wasn't great & the other 2 weren't top quality - neither suitable for freezing. The next 5 mins was a blur as I could have sworn she said poor quality but no one used that word again. Their advice was to have both put back to give us a better chance. Not sure how I got through the following 2 hours at work - just slapped on a smile & blamed hayfever for the red eyes & runny nose.

I've cried so much - nearly didn't go for the ET as it felt pointless if there's no hope.....

Anyway, hubby talked me round & all went well with the transfer - it was amazing to see it on the screen & have a picture of our blastocysts....

Having done some meditation I feel a bit better - now to get in a positive frame of mind. I'm sorry for such a negative post on something that should have been so happy - I know so many of you have been through this & worse. Just want to give myself the best chance - please give me any tips or tricks & please any positive stories would really help.

Wishing you all baby dust 🌌 🌌🌌

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  • Wow you have had quite a day pumpkin!! You got to blastocyst which is the magic word so good on you!! Try to stay positive and hopefully and concentrate on the good words, forget the rest!! I've got pineapple and Brazil nuts in for 2ww, supposed to help!! Hopefully I will be joining you on Sunday for a the crazy 2ww!!xx

  • Hi Cinderella5 - thank you so much. I'm sure I'm must have sounded so ungrateful for getting this far. I'm honestly not - it's just been a bit of an overwhelming day.

    I've got a pineapple but no Brazil nuts - severely allergic! Have got some pomegranate juice in though!

    Everything crossed for you for Sunday hun XxXx

  • No not at all! I think we all have our meltdown times during all of this cr*p!! Sometimes we just need a little pick me up! Oh best give the nuts a wideberth then if you've got an allergy, that defo won't help implantation!!😨😂 I might get some pomegranate juice if that's meant to help....take all the help that I can get! Ha ha haxx

  • Yes, I don't think a trip to A&E in anaphylactic shock would do them Embies any good! I saw a couple of ladies mention pomegranate juice so no harm in trying! Xx

  • Day 5 blastocyst's are good! I think they really try not to get your hopes up so err on the negative side. Wishing you all the luck in the world!xx

  • Thank you so much - I really need a kick-up-the-negativity-bum to get me out of this!

    I think it's more that we have none to freeze. Anyway, time to focus on what I do have 😊 xx

  • Wishing you well hunny! Sorry that the day was a bit up and down, but you have done all you can and now you must let your blastocysts take over. They know what to do!! 😁

    Here's to a speedy, positive and safe 2 weeks xxx

  • Thank you - I know you ladies are right - just a bit of a shock & wasn't prepared for that. Anyway hoping Embies are getting comfy! Xx

  • Sorry to hear you have had an up and down day, but glad your on the 2ww and feeling better xx

  • Thanks button. Ive had time to calm down & rest so feeling better. Going to chill until Monday then back to work. Xx

  • Sounds like you've had a really tough day but you have 2 little blastocysts on board now! I'm glad the transfer went well. Mine was a bit of a to do but we got there in the end and had one blasty transferred. Fingers crossed now for the 2WW. Xxxx

  • Thank hun! Bless you, glad it's sorted though. Yay - so glad you've got one on board too. Yes 2ww crazies can begin!! Thinking of you xx

  • Thank you - am thinking of you too. Determined to stay calm. Have you got your OTD? Mine falls on Sunday 25th apparently but blood test on the Monday. Going to try not to climb the wall before then. Xxx

  • Mines on the 27th - I'm taking the day off work for definite! I only have a HPT to do - no blood test for me. Yes, it's so hard to not over think things! Xx

  • Definitely having the day off too! Let's hope the time goes quickly. xx

  • Crazy day for you! Hope you feel better now. I also hope that they are snuggling in for a 9 month ride. Good luck xx

  • Thank you lovely, really appreciate your kind words xx

  • A message I read from other ladies on here is that it only takes one good one to develop. I am going to try and take on that mantra thinking of the 11 DE retrieved for us today. So not easy to let the doubts creep in though.

    Reading through ur threads, not heard of pineapple, Brazil nuts and pomegranate juice. What is it supposed to help? Adding them to my shopping list now!

    Are you working during 2ww or having time off?

    Take care and all the very best xxx

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