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Nervous newby


Hi everyone, thought i would introduce myself. I'm Carrie and I am in the beginning stages of looking into my fertility. It has taken me 8 years to take this step as I think I have been in denial. My progesterone levels are slightly low but my ultrasound scan was normal. I have an appointment to see my Go tomorrow that should lead to a referral but I am clueless as to what to expect next. My husband's sperm/count is normal. I do not know anyone with similar problems so any advice would be greatly received. Sorry for the long post I just feel lonely and frustrated andban understanding friend would be amazing

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Hey hunny, welcome to the site. Everyone is so understanding here and very supportive. Please don't feel shy in asking any questions as we always help each other out!! It's good you have taken the first steps, you hospital may decided to complete a HSG test to see if your tubes are clear as the next step. With my journey i had the HSG test completed and then when everything came back ok i was given 3 months to try naturally. Obviously j didn't fall pregnant and then i was offered IUI for 2 sessions before finally being referred to ivf (which failed) i am not self funding my next cycle or ivf! Hoping this will be my year. Please don't be scared to ask anything. Good luck with your journey xxx

Cag32 in reply to NDE1987

Thank you so much. I am completely new to the lingo, what is IUI? I know we could have a long and painful process ahead of us but we are both more than willing to do what it takes. Xx

NDE1987 in reply to Cag32

No worries Hun i totally understand how you are feeling. I was scared confused and hopeful during at the begining! Now I'm just scared that nothing has worked!!! But ivf has helped so many women concieve, I'm just one of the unlucky ones at the moment. IUI is where sperm is washed and the best is inserted right close to cervix. I found IUI less intrusive than ivf. The only difference i found is more injections with ivf and more scans and your eggs are collected during ivf! Hopefully after your appointment tommorrow things will become more clearer as to what the next step is xx

Cag32 in reply to NDE1987

oh right, thanks. I'm sure I will get used to the terminology as I go through it. It is a scary venture and I was worried I had opened myself up for disappointment but if we don't try every avenue we can, I will regret it. I am at a stage where I feel quite angry but I have to remind myself that there are others going through the same as me and it is nothing we did wrong xx

Hey Carrie welcome in here you are in the right place for oodles of support from some awesome women and men. What will be happening next for you?

Cag32 in reply to vic77

Well I should find this out tomorrow when I meet with my GP, so far everything has been done quickly so I am keeping my fingers crossed that it carries on.

Hello Carrie I'm also Carrie :-D everyone on this site is amazing so you will get a lot of support. Once I had all the routine blood work done and everything came back fine I was referred to fertility clinic as I'm unexplained. I had a HSG which showed tubes are clear then was told IVF was best option so we went ahead but first cycle was cancelled as I didn't stimulate well. I was also diagnosed with endometriosis end of last year due to unforseen circumstance so I'm getting it removed this month then hopefully be back in the IVF game come summer :-) any questions just give me a shout xx

Hi and welcome

No need to be nervous. I found it very difficult to talk to anyone about our fertility issues but after being on here you start to realize that it's quite common just people don't discuss it.

Hope the meeting with the gp goes well. My route was onto a fertility clinic then as I have only one ovary and am 38 I was referred straight to ivf. I think the gp referred me in May and then fertility clinic something like September and then first ivf appointment end of December and just had my first transfer now. I think the waiting times shocked me a bit but think it depends on the wait times in your local area.

Lots of support on here. On the main page there's a link to the abbreviations everyone uses x

Hello and welcome!! Just to echo what the other ladies said, don't be nervous, you're in good hands, these ladies have been amazing 😉 I'm on my second round of ivf, and I have to say it's all moved very quickly...... we had the initial blood tests, and sperm tests in March, April and may, then were referred to the fertility specialist, in august, who gave us a choice of 3 clinics, none of which had waiting lists! We had various appointments in September, but for other reasons we didn't start until October, but all in all not long to wait at all!! Do you know if you're entitled to funding for treatment in your area? Xxx

Hi Carrie, I'm currently going through my first cycle of IVF and I can definitely understand the feeling of loneliness. No one I know is going through this process and it can be really difficult to talk about. The NHS didn't find anything wrong with my husband or I and it feels all a bit unfair to be classed as 'unexplained infertility.' If you have any questions or just feel like saying hello, please do! :)

Welcome Hun!! Talk to us any time u like!! I was also in denial for years but U r doing something about it now and that's the main thing!! Good luck xxx

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