So excited/ nervous

I had the embryo transfer on Thursday. 3/8 eggs fertilised. We insisted on having 2 embryos transferred which the doc was ok with so we have doubled our chances but I cannot think about anything else. The 3rd one cannot be frozen as apparently the quality wasn't good enough but fingers and toes crossed for the other 2. Pregnancy bloods to be done on Monday. I keep trying to think positive but am so scared.

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  • Good luck hunni I hope it all goes well. Keep me posted :) x x x

  • Thank you and will do x

  • Hi LRH001. We had our transfer last Monday. We only got one embryo from six eggs. We had a frozen embryo from our first cycle which we had thawed out so had one fresh and one frozen transferred. I'm excited and scared at the same time too. I haven't had much pain until today. I keep getting period type pains which I'm hoping is a good sign. We have our blood test done this Friday so not long to go now. Good luck with your result. Fingers crossed for you.

  • Good luck for you also. Let me know how you get on. My fingers and toes are crossed. x

  • I will and thank you x

  • Good luck to both of you. The 2WW is the most exciting and hardest bit. Due to start my 2nd cycle next month so hopefully I'll be in the same boat soon. Keep us posted xx

  • Good luck - waiting is the worst part

  • Best of luck to you both xxxxxx

  • good look i had 2 embryos put back in and i am now 15 weeks 4 days pregnant and the lady i gave some eggs to is pregnant too good luck xxx

  • That's fantastic news, do you know if you are expecting 2 or 1 bundles of joy yet?

  • i am expecting 1 bundle of joy i have my 20 weeks scan on the 5th of august cant wait to find out the sex not long now and you can do a pregnancy test if you want to test a little early use a clear blue pregnancy test the one that tells you how many weeks you are thats what i did xxx kirsty xxx

  • Good luck LRH001 and everyone, it really is an emotional roller coaster!!!!

    This our first and only attempt we can have in our CCG area. We got 14 embryos but they couldn't decide on day 3 so they decided to wait for day 5 blastocyst where 3 were of 'very good' and but not 'excellent'. So we were given the decision of whether 1 or 2 transferred and because we were told those couldn't be frozen we went for 2. We didn't get any further ones which could be frozen :-(

    Had the transfer done on the Monday and have to go back on the 14th July for blood test. Like mentioned the 2ww wait is the hardest but exciting part. But I don't know if it's normal to get period type cramps and now I'm constantly thinking I'm getting my period :-( :-( is this normal?

  • Fingers crossed for you noor79, yes cramps are normal. Unfortunately they are not an indicator either way. As it's early days most likely to be your swollen ovaries going back to normal. So try not to read too much into it. I know easier said then done good luck x

  • Thank you Missmmc, yes I had over stimulated quite a bit and they could see that my ovaries were rather enlarged, but nothing to worry about hey said. It does help having people on here who know what it's like, so thank you x

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