Hi there ladies, so tonight I'm feeling nervous and excited (but mainly nervous) as I start my injections in the morning and can't believe the day has almost arrived. I'm having such a hard time at work at the moment though and am utterly stressed which I know is not good for this entire process and I do think this work stress and anxiety could be one of the reasons we haven't had any success ttc naturally. I honestly try to stay on top of things and not worry but it's in my nature to fret and I feel like I'm on a constant roller coaster. I wonder if any of you ladies have similar experiences of work pressures getting in the way and how you deal with it? I've been reading all your advice on injecting and am going to do it in the morning after a shower and will pinch the skin first! Does that sound about right? Sorry for the long post, feeling a bit all over the place at the moment. 😣

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  • Hi daisy-mae! I'm in a similar position to you, just started my injections on Sunday so been going several days now. I've been finding work really stressful lately, and worrying a lot about how I'm going to manage the IVF appointments with work. Particularly as I don't feel very close to any of the managers at my work and decided not to tell them about IVF in the end. I have decided however that the stress was getting to me too much so have told my manager I'm going to be off sick next week as I'm having a medical procedure, and he didn't ask anymore about it. I know it might not be as easy as that for you, but I feel a lot better knowing I have a few days breathing space next week. Are you able to take any time off at all?

  • So lovely to hear from you mstov88 and speak to someone going through the same thing as me. I work in a school so will be off for the holidays in three weeks and I'm hoping this times in well with the procedures and hospital appointments. How are you finding the injections? Did you manage them easily first time and are you having any side effects? I think as this is all so new to me I have a little fear of the unknown but this site has been so helpful. I wish you the very best and think it's good to have arranged time off. Take care and fingers crossed for positive results xx

  • finding the injections ok, was a bit nervous with the first one but then was ok after that. a couple of them have stung a bit as they went in, but thats it really. didn't feel any side effects at first but think a week in I am starting to feel a bit tired and a little bit heavy/sore. but not as bad as I thought it might be! best of luck with starting yours, and fingers crossed for you too xx

  • Hello Daisy-Mae! I'm also in the same place. Started injections on Friday (mine are to be done in the evening). They've actually been fine so far - just a slight nip when the needle goes in. I was out for dinner on Saturday night so my second injection was done in the restaurant loos!

    I have been freting about work too. I told my boss I'm going in for a medical procedure today and he didn't ask anything further. I have another scan on Friday and they have said I will probably need to come back Sunday or Monday. If it's Monday that doesnt give my work much notice and I have meetings in the afternoon! My work diary is also filling up with travel over the next few weeks which I would like to avoid on the 2ww! I may just get signed off to avoid it all! But, I'm trying to take it one day at a time. There's no point worry about Monday until after Friday's appointment!

    In terms of stress, I was doing tai chi which I completely recommend but I've moved house and can't find a class in our area. I'm also doing weekly acupuncture sessions which I find relaxing. I didn't expect to find myself dozing off with a dozen needles sticking out of me! Lastly, I'm being completely selfish. Work can wait. This can't.

    Best of luck with your cycle x

  • Hi Hopeful1982, thank you for your reply and I love your attitude. I think I need to start being a little more selfish and remember to put me first. I've never tried tai chi but will certainly look into that, and I was having regular acupuncture sessions but as the clinic was quite far away from where I live, the travelling there ended up adding to a bit of the stress! However maybe I will try and take it up again when I have some holidays. I'm so happy to hear your injections are going well and it's lovely to have people going through this at the same time to share experiences with. Good luck with your cycle and keep me posted xxxx

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