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Is there any hope?

Hello I am new here.

i have fertility problems, I had one tube removed and have PCOS and endometriosis. I have had a few laps and had ovarian drilling and the endo was treated last year.

The problem is my partner had a vasectomy and already has 3 children from a previous marriage. He is happy to get the vasectomy reversed but I am worried the odds are too much against us?

I understand we won't be entitled to In on the NHS because he already has children . I'm worried in the mean time my other tube will need removing and the reversal will be a waste of time and money.

Do we stand any chance at all?

Any advice would be welcome :)


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Hi Hopeful31. There is always hope, so don’t let go of that. Admittedly you have lots of issues between you. On your side of things you have had lots of preparation done with the drilling, tube removal etc. However, there is always the chance the other tube may need to be removed if it becomes defective. Regarding vasectomy reversal. This can work, but often because sperm have become trapped, they get very sluggish and often form antibodies which usually need to be treated by washing a sample, separating them and using them in IVF/ICSI, although you could be lucky. Should you need IVF/ICSI and you are under 36, you could opt to become an egg donor in return for free or much reduced costs for treatment, something to keep in mind. Perhaps look into the reversal first and move on from there. Good luck and I hope you have a treatment plan sorted for you. Thinking of you. Diane

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Hi there hopeful. I'm so sorry to hear of the difficulties you've been facing. I'm afraid I don't have any advice for you but I just wanted to wish you so much luck for whatever you decide to do. lots of love xxx

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