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So we were supposed to be starting treatment in April and we had ano appointment with the fertility nurse this week and I've just found out that my husband has been texting another woman behind my back.. I genuinely think he's not having an affair but I can't put myself through gruelling IVF treatment for him as I now don't trust him. Good luck to all the rest of u ladies out there. I hope u all get the positive results u are looking for xx

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Try to talk to him if your heart tells you he is not cheating then there is trust there.  He may be doing it as he needs someone outside to talk to. 

This journey is crazy it questions everything you have and the people you were before this and after. Don't be too hard on him try to find out the reason why and take it from there.

Good luck xx


Thanks tamtam  but this is the 3rd time this has happened in 6 months and I can't go through it again. Itshe only a matter of time until he does cheat. Xx

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Aw so sorry to hear this. Take care xxx


This is so sad to hear hun. My friend found out her partner had cheated her before their first IVF but she still went through with it. It was unsuccessful and they split up shortly after. 18 months on and she is 7 months pregnant naturally with her new partner and couldnt be happier! Sending big hugs for you xx


Aww sorry to hear this, life is too crazy sometimes! I hope everything works out for the best, take care xxx


I can relate to this because i was depressed for a really long time because i married the man i thought was the love of my life. We were married 6 years. A year and hald into the relationship he became a completely different person, he even went ahead and rub his infidelities in my face sometimes and when i try to tell my friends about it they don't always believe me because he pretends a lot when they're around. So i decided to get the truth out myself, i contacted BIRDEYE.HACK at GMAIL.COM and i got real-time access to his entire phone for a reasonable fee.

It was then i was able to prove to my friends and family how much of a bad person he is. I was able to leave the marriage peacefully and with our only daughter with me due to the dirt i got on him. All thanks to Birdeye!



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