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Feeling sorry for myself 😷

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So not content with feeling like general poo from all the drugs (day 6 stims) I have now come down with a horrible sickness bug overnight. It started suddenly at midnight and from then until 7am I was sick every 20-30 mins. I couldn't even keep a sip of water down!

Phoned the hospital at 8am and they advised me to go in for a scan (incase it was somehow connected) So my poor husband had to drive an hour back from work to take me (I could barely walk, let alone drive)

Anyway they did the scan (ouch!) and it seems my follies are a bit small. They're not too worried as it's only day 6 but they've asked me to go in for an extra scan in Friday where they may increase my dose.

I already feel stuffed to the brim and achy around my ovaries. My left one feels like it's about to pop when I move! I've been in bed all day, generally feeling tragic...don't know how much more I can take!

Oh and my boss asked to have a call to discuss work stuff..after I told him I was sick. Er no! I said he'll have to wait...got ec collection next weds and feel like getting signed off all of next week. Trouble is, I'd then need a doctors note which will raise questions. Its already going to take some explaining as to why I've had 2 sickness episodes in a week!

Sorry for the rant, just feeling sorry for myself...waaah!!

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That all sucks (to use the technical term).

Take as much time off work as you need. You can self-certify for a week, you don't even need to involve your GP at first. IVF is difficult enough without having to worry about work/time off etc.

When you get back to work, see if you can arrange a meeting with your boss and explain your situation, if you feel able to. I'm a big believer in being as honest with people as possible about what I'm doing, and people are generally very supportive.

I hope you feel better soon and GOOD LUCK! H x

rant away - this is the right place!

there's no two ways about it, the medication really does take its toll - unless someone has been through IVF, they can't imagine how involved the treatment is. we know how you're feeling & are with you all the way.

hopefully it will all be worth it 😘

you can self certify sickness for 5 days - forms available in pharmacies & GP surgeries. if you're already feeling this poorly it might be worth getting signed off?

sending positive vibes your way


Poor you. I've been feeling like I'm coming down with a cold for a while, pretty much since DR started. Definitely feeling something coming and felt a bit nauseous yesterday and today.

Hot water bottle for you and rest up. Not long yet you are nearly there x

Screw work (another technical term), they will manage without you. My work just tried to ask me to take a trip to Germany during my 2ww. I felt extremely guilty in saying no but this is not important right now and taking care of myself is. I'm not telling work I'm going through ivf as it's none of their business and I don't want any bad repercussions because job cuts will be coming soon and I'm staying under the radar.

I hope you feel better soon x

Poor you! As if we don't have enough to deal with! Hope it's short lived and that you are managing to keep yourself hydrated. I reckon the most important thing is to be in good shape for the embryo transfer and you will be fighting fit by then! Good luck!


Thanks everyone...it really does cheer me up to know I have your support! Still feeling very sorry for myself which is not like me at all. Feel like I'm being a wuss and need to woman up!

Maybe I'll let myself wallow today and I'll pull myself together tomorrow. My appetites coming back which is a good sign!

Poor hubby isnt back from work yet as he's had to work late due to him taking time out this morning to take me to hospital. He's done in too as he's up 4.30 every morning for work and didn't get much sleep last night himself. What a sorry pair! At least we've got something to look forward to though...booked a cheeky easter break in st ives, Cornwall. Its our favourite place and where we got engaged so is very special to us πŸ’•

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Cornwall sounds lovely I bet you can just picture being there, good to have something nice to focus on. We all feel sorry for ourselves when we feel crappie but I'm sure it will pass xxx


So sorry your feeling rubbish as if you needed a bug on top of everything else I hope things improve for your soon and good to hear that the clinic are taking good care of you. As for your boss don't even give it a second thought I mean you are vomiting and you have a bug regardless of the ivf you should be off work anyway, could the doctor not just sign you off for the bug? So crappie that we have to deal with the work side but at the end of the day you and your health comes first so just make sure you do what you need to because work is work and your boss will just have to manage if you can't go in because that is his job. Wishing you all the best xxx

Sorry to hear your not feeling the best Oakey80. Your totally entitled to feel sorry for yourself when your sick hun. Wouldnt it great if we had a pause button to pause the other things going on around us while we deal with things:) Hope your feeling better soon☺ sending you baby dustπŸŽ‡βœ¨πŸŽ†

Oh gosh hope u feel better soon! I would sign urself off.u r the priority,not ur job x

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