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*sensitive post but no picture included* Update on the stress- thank you


Hi all,

Hope you're all well. Just wanted to say thank you for all helping me calm down on my last post. I did get the hospital we wanted due to my lupus (they specialise in lupus pregnancies) and we have a 4 hour appointment for bloods and our next scan 28th September which according to the dates (from egg collection and mixing everything together) which would make me 13 plus 4 so a bit late for a 12 week scan. I am still struggling with sickness (acid, bile or generally saliva sorry if TMI) and I have started bringing up blood when wretching. I've been eating small meals and slowly sipping drinks but probably not enough so I was worried and decided to have a private scan (unfortunately the day before I got a sickness bug and ended up feeling terrible). I got to the scan in the end and our little baby was there wriggling away- I was really surprised at how lively they were- and we have actually been given a new date 11 weeks 4 days, so measuring 6 days ahead of what the hospital said and with a new due date of 27th March so baby is bigger than we expected. Feeling relieved but still avoiding telling work. Thank you all again xx

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Really happy for you. By the way, they normally don’t change the due date on an IVF pregnancy- they normally stick to dates from the transfer rather than ultrasound but have a chat with your team when you see them. X

Lovefood1984 in reply to Hidden

They changed my due date, brought me forward 5 days as baby was bigger than expected at my 12 week scan. Kept telling them I knew exactly when baby was conceived due to IVF but they were having none of it 🤷‍♀️ x

Lynnr54 in reply to Hidden

It depends on which hospital you’re with. Mine brought my date forward by an entire week. When it comes to agreeing a date for induction I will be fighting to get my IVF date though.

Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy x


Hi CC2018. So sorry to hear you’ve been so poorly, but great to hear all is well with your little “wriggler”. Hope all continues to go well and you soon feel ok. Thinking of you. Diane

On the sickness, have you considered going to the doctors and asking for medication? They put me on it as I couldn’t eat or drink enough (no food and 500mls of fluid per day at my worst but luckily didn’t have hypermesis and I couldn’t go into work as I felt that bad) They said they’d rather I ate and drank and took the meds than not for the sake of the baby. I weaned off at 16 weeks only to need to go back on them as my appetite wore off again at 20 weeks so I went back and double checked it was ok to keep taking a low dose. Just a suggestion, the meds at least allowed me to function and work even if I felt iffy still at times. Now I just need to find out what to do about the heartburn that’s just kicked in big style 😂 Glad to hear you got your hospital of choice and wishing you all the best with the rest of your pregnancy x

Wonderful news from your scan. So sorry you’ve been feeling so poorly. Hoping you can get some relief from it. Take good care of yourself xx

How traumatic. I am so glad that things are looking up and you have the right medical care. I hope everything now will be better xxx

Hi, sorry you’ve had a rough pregnancy so far. Hopefully now you’re over 12 weeks the sickness subsided a bit. If you’re bringing up blood then your GP should be able to give you medication to line your throat and protect it a bit. I had the same and I got what was essentially a giant bottle of Gaviscon. It’s called Mallory Weiss syndrome.

Glad the little one is kicking away. My hospital changed my due date too by a week, so not dissimilar to you. Hope the rest of the pregnancy goes well.

Congratulations! Glad all is ok, & that you’re being treated at the right hospital. 😊👍🏼

Same thing happened with us - we had our 12 week scan at 13+1, but were told that baby was actually measuring 14w, so they moved our due date forward 6 days. I did query whether the fact that it’s an IVF baby would make a difference, but apparently not. xx

So pleased that the scan went well. Hope the sickness subsides soon 🤞 x

Glad to know your little wriggler is growing well ! All the best wishes for the rest of your pregnancy hope your sickness settles down x

Glad to hear that your scan went well. I do hope your sickness settles down eventually!xx

Glad all is well xxx hope the rest of your pregnancy gets a bit easier xxx


Sorry you have been feeling under the weather but so happy to hear that your little bubs is doing well in there. Hopefully the rest of your pregnancy will go better and be stress free (as much as it can be anyway!) xx

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