2WW: How much rest is enough?

Hello everyone

I had my egg retrieval on Monday and had a call from the embryologist this morning to say all 7 of our eggs that fertilised are still going and 5 or 6 are good quality 😊 They are leaving them till Saturday in the hope of some getting to blastocyst so everything crossed my transfer will go ahead on Saturday with one of a good quality πŸ™πŸ»

What I was wondering is just how much are us ladies advised to rest during the 2 week wait? I know taking it easy is very important and I'm happy to, I just keep hearing conflicting advice with some saying you shouldn't take it too easy or be too static.

I know something like this can often be common sense and I will be asking advice of the clinic, I just wondered what others have been advised by professionals?

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  • Hi,

    I took around 10 days off work, but my jobs involves a lot of manual handling. I relaxed, didn't do anything too strenuous, but did go for a nice walk everyday.

    Best wishes,


  • Hi. I often wonder about that as we're getting closer to our start date. I think I'd take some time off but make sure I don't just rest but have nice walks and just take it easy... but I'd ask at the clinic too. Good luck to you!!!

  • Hi,

    I am just finished my two weeks wait, the first round of IVF / ICIS I took the two weeks of and because I was so scared I barely moved and lived in PJs. That firstly didn't help me emotionally and the cycle didn't work.

    This time I took time off but went out and acted like normal, used as an opportunity to do what I wanted (see friends, go for walks and catch up with books etc). This is because I was told by clinic coordinator that doing things is better like walking as helps blood supply which is better for implantation.

    This week I found out I am 4 weeks and 5 days pregnant - still very early days but fingers are crossed for healthy pregnancy.

  • That's great news congratulations, hope it continues to go well & thanks for your reply xx

  • For my first attempt I tried to keep busy during my 2ww to pass the time and unfortunately nothing happened. However after my second attempt I was hospitalized (for a different reason) and was laid in bed for my 2 ww and I am 23 weeks pregnant with our wee miracle !!! Everyone is different but I think the rest definitely helped....... best of luck xxx

  • Haha, the results from these answers highlight that everyone is different and I honestly can't say I've decided what I'm going to do in my 2ww (assuming I get that far). I'm going to try and take things relatively easy, no major exercising (not that I ever do that in my normal life ;-)), maybe a trip to the cinema, some walks around the local nature park (no major hills) or along the river - just gentle exercise that will increase my breathing and blood flow. I won't be working but taking the time out to get out in lots of fresh air and positive vibes. No major lifting, moving furniture or pushing excessively heavy shopping trolleys for me. He will have to come help me with the 'big shop' - Hee, hee, if I'm going through these drugs and ops then he has to help with the joys of heavy housework, hoovering and trying to push a loaded trolley with wonky wheels. :-) Sorry, I've been waffling... But I wish you all the very best over the next few weeks, especially. Take care of yourself and be good to yourself, it's all you can really ever do :-)

  • Thanks twistedwillow

    You're right, everyone is clearly different and I think common sense will be key! I think I'll just take it easy and have gentle walks with the dog but no more strenuous exercise than that plus catch up with supportive people to keep busy. Plus yes definitely having my hubby do as much as possible, which he's happy to!

    All the best to you as well xx

  • I personally have taken the 2ww off work as my job is stressful without all this extra stuff going on too.

    I'm glad i have as I've been SO tired, I've taken naps when my body has needed rest and also done fun things with my nephews and friends when I've had the energy.

    I think the key is listen to your body, good luck for a beautiful blast tomorrow xx

  • I had my ec Monday and have my et tomorrow too and been wondering whether to stop or just be "normal" - whatever that is lol. Ice got a couple of short walks planned which run the back of my house so if I feel tired it'll be a max of 5 minutes before I'm home. I've got my hubby to get some of my old books which I've been meaning to read out of the loft so going to have a nice time indulging in them. I've been advised to avoid baths and not to have hot showers, but to keep warm to help core body temperature. Good luck on your journey! Xx

  • Thanks ladies, yes I think a daily gentle walk plus maybe meeting people for a relaxed (& healthy of course!) lunch is sensible. I have been told about baths which is a wrench as I love them but hopefully it'll be worth it.

    Good luck to all you lovely ladies too, and hope your EC goes well tomorrow donnauk88 xx

  • My clinic said that there is no evidence that anything you do (within reason I suspect) makes a difference to the outcome of the 2ww. I continued to work through the 2ww (apart from the day of ET) but I have a desk job so it was fairly easy for me. Despite what the clinic said, I was too nervous to continue exercising etc so my hubby and I kept busy by watching lots of box sets (these kept me sane), going out for dinner and also going to the cinema. I think we also did a couple of walks as it was summer.

    Good luck with your transfer x

  • Thanks Hopeful1982

    I'm sure my clinic will advise but I'll probably be doing the same as you, some gentle walks (I'm known for walking so fast I'm practically jogging so I'll take it easy!) & chilling watching light heated stuff, reading & eating out sometimes to get out.

    Thank you, hope your pregnancy is going well xx

  • It's difficult not to over think every little thing!

    Thanks for the good wishes x

  • Hi Hun

    Just thought I'd update you, my clinic also said carry on with your normal like except no heavy lifting or strenuous exercise, I guess it is common sense really. Thanks for your advice xx

  • Hope it all goes well x

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