Oops! Gonal-for overdose.. scared to confess!

So, I'm on my second round of gonal f for ovulation induction. Theach first round I over stimulated so the consulted said he thinks I need to alternate between 96 and 122 this time round. The nurses all seemed confused this time around and because the consultant was not in told me to stay at 96 which I was sure would not work as it didn't on my last round. I was shocked today when I attended to see 3 follicles developing. One at 14.4 one at 11.7 and one at 10.4, so I have to go for another scan tomorrow for closer monitoring. Anyway skip to 8.30pm and it's injection time. Did my injection, just putting my stuff away and all of a sudden it clicked that I'd been doing 112 instead of 96! Due to the awkward markings on the syringe. Now, I know I need to tell them for accurate record but slightly worried they will think I have done it on purpose because they knew I was adamant 96 wouldn't work! Anyone else made some mistakes? Can't possible be the only one!

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  • Oh bless you, you definitely need to own up just in case you have any problems. At the end of the day, you know it was an honest mistake no matter what they think!! & they have to be nice to you, it's their job!! Good luck lovely xxx

  • What a nightmare! I'd tell them. Mistakes happen and it's so easy to get confused with everything. Just explain that you know you were adamant but you'd never just do it! Knowingly! Let us know how you get on; good luck! x

  • Hi there, I wouldn't worry about it as you can't change it. Your nurse will most likely tell you the same. One extra dose won't do you much harm. Good luck with your cycle xxx

  • Defo tell them but I wouldn't worry, there not that much different between the two xx

  • Yeah I'm goinot to have to tell them I think haha. On the plus side only 3 were developing yesterday x

  • Hi, I have constantly messed up on every cycle with meds due to various reasons - mainly due to stupidity & tiredness & it hasnt made any difference (or so they told me!...) I would definitely tell them though & they will totally understand. I wish you the very best of luck, X.

  • Hi, I would tell them because they should know but really wouldn't worry. During my first cycle I once injected double the dose (something like 900 instead of 450) because there was something wrong with the epipen. I was really panicked and worried but they said oh well, it was just an extra boost and it didn't make a difference! Good luck for your 3 follicles !!

  • Try not to worry, youre human and its easy to get a bit mixed up with all the various things to do. Just say it them so they can note it:) Good to see follies growing xxx best of luck.

  • Just an update, I told the nurse and she recommended that I carried on taking that same dose because it was working well, she said maybe it was fate haha. Back Monday, hopefully to trigger this time. Only taken 3 years to get somewhere! haha x

  • Eggs..cellent stuff:))) Fingers crossed this is your year hun xxx

  • Thank you x

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