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Progesterone injection thoughts


We start our 2nd round on Boxing Day yayyy! Can’t wait! This time round though we are not going for the progesterone pessaries because I had it in my head I didn’t feel like it was supporting me enough and that’s why I bled early last time... I know you can think all sorts at that time whether it was true or not 🤷🏻‍♀️

So I’ve opted to go for the injection version. We saw our nurse Saturday to go through the schedule and she did mention these injections are quite sore because their oil based so they are more painful. Any thoughts in your experience with these? Do they hurt like she’s said? Did you feel more supported if it’s such a thing?

I can defo handle all the other injections it’s was a breeze last time I’m a little sceptical about these but I’ll do whatever it takes! Xx

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They are a bit more ouchie but not by much. Use a bit of ice and you’ll be ok xx

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Hi Sephj. Also, leave the needle in for a few seconds before withdrawing it, to ensure no leakage. You will cope I'm sure. Good luck! Diane


Thanks so much Diane! I can do it 💪🏻 xx





I’ve done similar way and switched to injectable progesterone, it helped me better and I’ve got my son from that cycle! From then on I’m always on PIO injections.

Yes, they can be painful especially if you further down with using them (after your BFP). It is helpful to have the oil warmed up before injection, I do keep mine in my bra for some time before, like half an hour or so perhaps shorter time is enough too. Also it is good to switch sides of injections each day and massage the place whenever you remember it!

I’ve learnt to administer them myself, and I do all things as said above but still get some more sore and painful areas and the feeling is sometimes not nice but again it is not something you can’t beat it I imagine...


Amazing! ❤️ yeah I’ll try the bra trick!

I would like to administer them myself because I did on all the others last cycle but I didn’t know if it was harder to do this one because it’s nearer the top of bum. When my partner tried it seemed to hurt more 🤷🏻‍♀️

I see you’re on your journey again! Wish you lots of luck! Congrats on the early pregnancy test! 🍀 xx

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Thank you Steph, yes it’s started for me😀

My husband was doing them to me first, but then he was not available all the time and I didn’t have time to go to gp so I’ve done it myself and thought it’s not that difficult really💁‍♀️

I think you will be good doing them yourself, you can readjust better if you will know some area is more painful!

Good luck hun, I hope you get positive results soon too xxx

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Great! I hope it all goes smoothly for you! ❤️

Thanks very much! Fingers crossed we’re second time lucky xxx

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We’ve opted for injections as I’m convinced I bled heavily early for the same problem. I was pretty good on cyclogest pessaries but still not enough.

I’m on 2nd day of 1x injection and 2x pessaries a day. If you bled heavily you may want to lee some pessaries too.

I don’t seem to have as many symptoms or side effects this time round but then I didn’t feel anything after transfer on my last round.

The injections don’t really hurt (not in comparison to blood thinners!) - have you discussed blood thinners also?

They can sting a little going in- I usually shake off the little droplet at the end of needle before inserting.

Are these intramuscular? Or subcutaneous? (In fat)

If sub cutaneous then you can do it on outer thigh or abdomen.

Insert slowly and take out slowly too to minimise issues. It felt a bit hot/prickly after for a few minutes but not much of an issue at all.

Good luck x


Thanks so much saya.

Ah I see. So I have nearly 2 packs of pessaries from my last cycle left so if I need to I’ll use them too.

It plays with your mind every twinge I felt bloated, sore boobs twinging and then period pains on the first cycle. Then a 6dp5dt bleed. It’s hard not to but I’m guna try to not think about every twinge this time. 😓

Yes I had blood thinners first time to reduce ohss risk they were quite painful! If they’re no worse than them I can handle it lol 💪🏻

How you doing on this cycle? Xx


Definitely not as bad as blood thinners !

Yes I would be tempted to use the pessaries at least until BFp and maybe a few weeks later. My last consultant said to do both. Once pregnant your body should start to make its own progesterone but until implantation I think we need that extra support.

It’s going quite well! We have transfer on Thursday - so allgoing Wel we should have a result by xmas. Hopefully good news !

I had lots of symptoms first cycle for 2 days- then nothing until 5dp5dt- and bled heavily on 6th. Second fet no symptoms at all until 9dp5dt- one day before OTD. Just as I had lulled myself into a false sense of security. I knew it was progesterone but didn’t want anyone to say I hadn’t been compliant. But as soon as OTD test was bfn I took extra pessary and it stopped. Vindicated but too late. Fingers crossed this time- have lots of babies being born around me atm so would be lovely to announce our own pregnancy soon 🙂


Awww I hope it all goes your way and you have a nice Christmas miracle.

I know the feeling. I have a close friend who started trying to conceive at the same time as us starting ivf and she’s due to give birth in feb. As much as I am delighted for her it is hard knowing it’s not as easy.

I’m going to mention to my consultant about using pessaries too if I can. Xxx

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The progesterone injections I used were Lubion, which are subcutaneous and meant to be less painful... I think? I'm not sure if you're on Lubion or something different.

All I know is that Lubion didn't hurt at all. And – as Saya85 also said – the worst for me was the blood thinners!

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yes- I’m on lubion too.


Hey! Thank you for replying.

I should be getting my meds delivered this week so will be able to see what they have prescribed.

If there not as bad as the blood thinners then that’s reassuring. I just hope they don’t put me back on them as well as progesterone injections xx


Hey, I’m another success story with the injections and here to tell you they will get a bit sore after a while but it’s not too bad. I bled heavily early in my first round but with my second chance we started with injections and I now have a very cheeky almost two year old! Good luck. Keeping my fingers crossed for you 🤞🏼❤️

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Aww that’s amazing to here thank you for sharing your story with me! It gives me hope that second round may work! ❤️🤞 xxx


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