New to ivf just starting

Hello I'm new to all this and we are just about to start all active ivf treatment. Really scared and wanting support from people that understand please/ are going through similar infertility journeys trying to get pregnant by ivf

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  • hi RCH37. Firstly don't be scared! Best of luck with treatment and once you get the ball rolling you'll relax a bit more. It's an exciting time and you can get lots of support on here. When do you officially start? Hope it goes smoothly xx

  • 1st April. Thank you everyone seems very nice on here

  • I'm just waiting for AF to arrive to finalise dates but think I'll be starting on the 3rd April. My first time too.

    There seems to be so much support on this site that I'm sure we'll work through it all.

    Good luck! X

  • MrsB76, hi- oh nice to have someone starting at the Same time and first time. Best of luck with all your treatment. Yes- mine should be between 1st-3rd april depending how long it takes my body to give me a period after stopping 'the pill' that the clinic told me to take- stoping pill on end March whilst away on little break before full speed ivf in April. I'm gonna be on this 'step up 'type cycle which is hard as there are so many unknowns- really would like to know how much time I need to take off work and when and how it's all gonna work or not just with the logistics of it all getting to the clinic so much- let alone the actual treatment! ( we are on an island) opted for nearest/ best clinic but this is still some distance away). 😬 rant over. Good luck.

  • I know exactly what you mean about the uncertainty around dates. I haven't told work and am planning to take a few days off around EC but so hard not knowing when to book it off. I'm such a planner normally. Have read a lot on here about just taking one day at a time and will do my very best to do that but it's uncomfortable isn't it?!

    Being on an island must make it really tricky, I was worried enough about the hour journey to our clinic every other day for scans while i'm stimming. It's going to be a bit of a pain TBH but figure it's a small sacrifice in the big scheme of things.

    All the very best of luck and look forward to hear how you're getting on as we both progress. Xx

  • are in the right place..this is exciting times too but also an emotional roller coaster. Ask away on here..everyone so helpful and supportive xxx

  • Hi. Don't be scared. Any questions, worries or rants just post them here. We're all going through the same journeys 😊

  • Hi RCH37, I'm starting my treatment next week and felt similar to you until I found this forum. I haven't posted yet because I have found incredible comfort from just reading the posts on here and seeing the support everyone receives. I know that if I have any questions, worries or just need a good rant, I will get the answers and strength I need from others on here ❤️❤️

  • Hi seniorphipps, 1st April I start. Next week is soon, best of luck with yours. I'm worried about whole thing but trying not too and trying to concentrate on one small step at a time- do people think that is a good idea? I'm such a control freak in life and good career etc but this I cannot control which is so hard to get my head around.


  • I've had my treatment dates since January so I'm soooo ready to get started!! 😀

    I totally understand where you're coming from on the control front. For the first time in my adult life I have to fully let someone else take control of my future and I find it so frustrating. I've tried to emotionally detach myself a little and make it more of an exploratory journey learning about the whole process so I can keep my logical head from going insane. It's going to be tough doing that when the hormones are all over the place though 😲

    Good luck for April, I hope the wait isn't too bad xx

  • Thanks. Wow it does seem good by response. I'm starting 1st April😁 got all injections etc and ready to go

  • Welcome, you've landed yourself in the right place 😄😄 Keep reading, posting and commenting and you will get all the support you need from this wonderful forum xoxo

  • Hello and welcome your defo in the right place here and will find all the amazing ladies and gents a massive help xxx

  • Hi, you came to the right place. Don't panic, just take each day as it comes (which is one of the things you will have to learn to do on this journey). No question is stupid, ask away. xxx

  • Got our appointment to give us dates and timings next week. So excited but so scared. It's been a long 2 years of trying.

  • Welcome to the group. no question to silly and no rant too ridiculous x

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