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Uncertain how best to proceed after cancelled cycle??

Hey guys, hope you're all doing well.

So, after my cycle was cancelled on ec day last Monday, due to delays with a previous patient's surgery, by the time they took me into theatre I had already ovulated and as I was a poor responder this time I only had 3 various sized follies left for collection as the others seemingly had released.

The ec doctor on that day said they would give me another round, they would have a meeting to discuss when to start me again but it probably wouldn't be for a couple of months.

After this I'd made a plan to relax, get off the fertility merry-go - round for a while, enjoy life free from it for a bit and concentrate on getting myself physically and mentally healthy again as the whole process from last year's miscarriage, the pressure on me to live an utterly pure life in prep for next round, illness and other major life stressors going on have taken their toll.

The ec doctor advised me to ring them to find out when they'd decided to start my next round so I called them today and was advised by the nurse that I can start again as soon as af comes... that's in under a week!!

I'm a little shell - shocked to say the least! Especially as the ec doc didn't think I'd be started for a while yet. However she also said I was a poor responder this time while our other fertility doctor said she was happy with what I had, despite my reservations..

Anyway, I'd felt comfortable with my plan and wanted to give my body a chance to recover from quincy in Jan, stims with no ec in Feb and feelings of anxiety and stress that have kept me off work since quincy and ivf started.

Will my body be ready for this again so soon?

As I was a poor responder last month compared to the 9 eggs I had in last August's cycle, won't going back so soon not give my eggs a chance to develop/improve in quality and quantity? From what I've read, eggs take 3 months to develop so it's best to give eggs 3 healthy months to be at their best?

Having said that, I'd cut out alcohol and chemicals, ate healthily and took a range of supplements Inc dhea from Oct and ended up with a poor response after all my efforts so maybe not??

However, this month we don't have any major external events going on so for that reason it would be good to go ahead now while in April and May we do have things going on that would make ivf more difficult to manage.

My partner thinks it would be good to start again now and I do recognise that for some reasons thst would be good for us...

Argh! I don't know what to do - I just want to give this; our second and final nhs shot the best chance possible and if starting again now would possibly yield a better response/more eggs I'd be happy to go for it.

Has anyone had similar experiences who could give me some advice please?

Also, Diane, if you're reading this, what would you recommend?

Many many thanks for listening to my loooong winded quandary everyone and massive thanks in advance for any help.

Big luck and love to you wherever you are on your journeys xxxxx

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Hi Pookymama,

I am not sure there is a right time, from my experience on the outside looking in, people can do the utmost to give their bodies the best chance but ultimately it is a bit of a lottery. Having said that, I do believe that things happen for a reason and if I remember correctly, you felt that it was the wake up call you needed to start enjoying life. So my advice (which you are welcome to ignore :-) is go with what you feel is the best option for you.

Not sure this helps, but it is hard in all of this to make choices as they all feel like a roll of a dice.

Take Care and be kind to yourself xx

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Hi Brenbert, how're things with you?

You are right about there not necessarily being a "right time" but again as you say, I did feel that all the barriers had been a sign to get off the ivf wagon for a while... This was my initial reaction to the news today but as I've had time to process the idea I am having pangs of excitement about starting again... Shame I'm so indecisive, I'm in two minds at mo.

Hope you're ok my lovely xxx


Hi Pookymama. Oh it's so difficult making such decisions, but quite honestly if you feel you can, I would go ahead with it while your body is used to be manipulated! Don't worry about making eggs, they are already there, just need to mature. However, at whatever stage of fertility you are at there should be some to "use". I would still keep up the healthy lifestyle bit too as you always need to be in the best of health. You've got time at the moment to accommodate a cycle, otherwise you are going to have to delay things again, and who knows how long for. In view of the unfortunate circumstances before, I'm sure your clinic will look after you well. Good luck with whatever you do decide, and I shall be thinking of you. Diane

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Oh Diane, thank you for your lovely reassuring message!

So on the back of 1 poor response that doesn't increase the likelihood of another one does it?

I was on Menopur


Hi Pookymama. Not at all! It's amazing how much a consultant gets to understand how your body reacts to drugs, so hopefully will be able to fine-tune you a bit better this time round. may even try a different protocol, you will need to ask. Have you got my list of questions to have a look through before seeing them again? If not, I can send it to you in confidence if you email me at support@fertilitynetworkuk.org as it is too long to add here. Diane

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Thank you Diane! 😊.

It's reassuring to think that they may change my drugs/protocol in view of my response last cycle. The egg collection doc said they might do that too.

I don't think I have your list of questions, I'll be sure to email you for them, thank you again Diane.


Sorry for thst half message Diane, my phone had a menti and sent it before I'd finished writing!

As I was saying, I was on Menopur 300mg on my 1st cycle in august 16 and responded so well I was at egg collection on day 8 with 9 eggs. This time I was on merional, same dose but took a fortnight to respond poorly. Do you think it was the drug change or because I'd been hospitalised with quincy a few weeks before and that affected things? I also found the injections a bit painful and they the injection site bled this time unlike no issues previously - don't know if that means anything?

I've stopped taking the DHEA and coq10 in case they caused issues but I continue to take pregnacare and baby aspirin... I've also been using cyclogest left over from last round in case we caught naturally after ec was cancelled, will that matter?

Sorry for all the questions Diane but big thanks for your help!

Hope you're well. Xx


Hi pookymama

It's such a personal decision but I would say go for it this month, you're still in 'the zone' (what a zone it is too 😕) you haven't got any events interfering with it and let's face it, this process can change any time so even though you'd come to terms with it being a while yet, we have to go with the flow at every other point so why not now?!

I was also a fairly poor responder second time around, getting only half the amount of eggs I did on our first cycle. I'd probably been even healthier so I think frustratingly it can just be random. Interestingly I was also on menopur second time but Gonal F first time, my consultant said they'll put me on Gonal F again next time to give me a better chance. He said Gonal F is a little more powerful.

Whatever you decide wishing you loads of luck xxx

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Thank you Georgina,

I've decided to go for it this month.

Just had a call from the hosptial to say that their changing my protocol from antagonist (short) to long. I'll be on sepecur (forgive my potential mis - spelling) for 14 days from day 21 of cycle then back on merional but the dose will be increased to 450.

As it's a long protocol it'll be happening alongside other big events but it can't be helped unless I choose to postpone til June...

It is really random how we become healthier but have less eggs isn't it!

When will you start your next cycle hun? I hope it all goes well for you xx


Oh that's great that you've decided and that your clinic are amending your protocol, let's hope that means success for you.

It's so random! Makes you feel so disheartened when you've been so healthy (so dull 😩) and it's all for nothing, we have to know we've done all we can though don't we.

I'm currently on prostap as I have endometriosis and it's thought to help by reducing the inflammation endo can cause which can potentially prevent implantation. I'm on it for 3 months (1 month in) and it works like down-regs, shutting everything down and putting you into a medical menopause. Not much fun but hoping it means 4th time lucky for us 🙏🏻 I'll go straight into stims at the end of April so it's less injections for me to do at least!!

Lots of luck xx


Oh sorry I thought you meant you were ok menopur second time around, didn't realise your message wasn't complete! Just goes to show we all respond differently to different drugs and at different times too. Lots of luck xx

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