What to expect after BFP?

Hi thank you for all your well wishes yesterday after my BFP, I rang the clinic to tell them the good news and asked if I needed to do a hcg blood test to confirm to which I was told they don't need to do one, only need pee stick?? Just wondering if that's right as a few on here have said they did a few blood tests to track hcg levels rising or lowering. I'm back at the clinic tomorrow, I'm just wondering what will happen now? Do you get referred to a midwife? Any advice or ideas of questions to ask would be great, thanks xx

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  • Hi there, congratulations on your BFP! I'm sure that every clinic is different, but I never had a blood test to track hcg levels either. I must admit though, I was doing a pregnancy test every few days just to check I hadn't imagined it all! I let my clinic know over the phone as soon as I got the BFP and went in a few weeks later for my 8 week scan where they checked all was as it should be and discharged me from their care. Your pregnancy start date is taken from the time of conception, so you will already be over 2 weeks.

    In the meantime I called my GP surgery and was registered as pregnant, which I think is quite important to get done straight away so that if anything happens to you, or in the case of an emergency, it is on your records, and they booked me a midwife booking appointment for week 7. You will need to do that yourself, but once you have, your midwife will give you all the information you need for arranging your scans, etc.

    It's a very exciting time - good luck! Xx

  • Thanks for your reply, it's good to hear that a blood test is not necessary, I'm going to ring GP in the morning and register with the midwife, yes it's all go now!! Xx

  • Hi Lucky17. Hope all went well with your GP and you have your midwife appointment so you can get your scan booked in order to meet your little "bean". Just wanted to wish you well with your pregnancy. Well done and thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane! Midwife booked in for 27/03, clinic scan w/c 20th march, got to continue 6 weeks with steroids and progesterone till 8 weeks, can you reccomend any good pregnancy books/info? Xx

  • Hi Lucky17. Great! You've got everything sorted and booked, so good luck with it all. A book I like is called "Your New Pregnancy Bible" by Dr Anne Deans. It's about Β£20 but is very informative. Maybe your midwife will have other suggestions, so I hope you enjoy whatever you choose. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Lol snap with doing multiple tests xx

  • Hiya hun I haven't had a blood test either I just rang the clinic and they have sent me more medication and booked me in for a scan in a few weeks time to check everything is ok xxx

  • Thanks hun, I'm there tomorrow so thought of a few more questions to ask, been reading up about pregnancy all day, got a list a mile long lol xx

  • Hiya I'm in same boat. My clinic just give you a POAS you do it and if its a BFP they book you in for 6 wks scan approx 2 wks later. I do think its bit odd they dont do a blood test beforehand t so ive booked in to my normal GP so they can do it. Ive done 4 tests and I still quite believe it!😲xx

  • Congratulations brilliant news xx

  • Hey, lucky17 just saw this post. You'll continue with your clinic furva while yet. They will keep you taking the injections to prevent miscarriage or blood clots. Your first scan will be scheduled after 8 weeks.

    The wife had to have a blood test to check HGC levels ( all was within range), joe you doing otherwise

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