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BFP! What's next?!

Hi guys!

Its my first positive through ICSi cycle so im wondering what would be next?!

I wrote to the clinic to inform ( i tested early but still wanted to let them know) and alsoi need more suply of drugs so i guess ill go there at some point this week to collect prescription.

Would they be doing blood test?

Would clinic perform early pregnancy scan at 7-8 weeks?! Or should I call my GP/ local midwife to let them know?!

Have a great day and babydust to all of you! X

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Hi Pritsko,

I don't know what your clinic does because some women on here get bloods and some don't.

In my clinic I just had to do a home pregnancy test that they provided me with and inform them of the result as of OTD. Then they send out a date for first scan app.

In my case I went in to the clinic to tell in person and got a date right then for 8 weeks. Partly because I wanted to know whether to continue on pessaries, but they told me not to.

Congratulations on the BFP and wish you a successful pregnancy! :-)


Thank you! X


Congratulations on your BFP!!


Hi pristko2011. I would wait until official testing day, then contact your clinic who will either refer you for a 6/40wks scan or your GP to organise one and for your first midwife appointment. Ask about progesterone too, so you have a sufficient supply if it is recommended. Good luck and don't forget to continue with your Folic Acid! Diane

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Congratulations! My clinic didn't do a blood test as standard but my midwife did as I wanted some reassurance. My clinic gave me a letter to give to my GP confirming that we had a positive result and my midwife arranged my 7 week scan so we could get it as soon as possible.

I'm sure everything will click into place. In the meantime try to enjoy this feeling. Congratulations again x x x

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