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It has worked!!! I can't believe it's for real! I had blood test yesterday and my hcg is 278! It was the best Valentine's gift ever!!! maybe it's a sign...

I found information about hcg level and these numbers may indicate I have twins !! Oh God! I didn't expect I could become a mother from the very first IVF! I'm the happiest woman in the world now!!! Love you all ! xxxxxxxxxx

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fantastic news. Best of luck with your pregnancy xx

wonderful, you deserve it. hope your pregnancy will be safe and you'll be a happy mother.

OMG Minerva17 that is fantastic!!! Such a lovely thing to read especially after your early testing doubts lol 😂 My hcg was 275 and indeed I'm carrying twins, although I'm mindful of the complications.. but not to dampen your FANTASTIC news, whether one or two, every BFP is a miracle so big big hugs your way!!! 😍😍

Nesfin in reply to Nesfin

This site should have superlikes 😂😂

AHA! Amazing!

This is really great! I am sure that it does indicate twins especially because the numbers will be growing with each and every day! what day it is? I mean is that your 14dpo?

Congratulations hun xx


Twin mommy! Have a nice pregnancy!

My surrogate mother is also pregnant with twins! xx

Amazing news. So pleased 😁


Hi minerva17.. Looking better than good! Get that scan booked so you can get to meet your little one(s)! Will it be one bean or two?? How exciting for you. Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy. Thinking of you. Diane

So happy for you!! Whoop whoop! Many congratulations xx

Brilliant news, wishing you all the best in your pregnancy xx

Fab news, honey!!! You see, you were so upset after early testing and voila! Most likely you have sweet twins! Keep fingers crossed for you!

Congrats!!! xxx

Amazing news! Congratulations!!!! Xxx

Fantastic news after your other posts!! Congratulations! xx


Yipeeeee such great news..huge congrats xx

Wow this is amazing - Congratulations!! x x x

Wonderful news, stories like this make my day!!!

Huge congrats. So lovely to hear your positive news! Hope time passes quickly to your scan xx


U deserve it....i am so happy to hear all this fantastic news....I felt so down today after so many BFN in here, now reading your post i have a hope in my heart ❤️

Big hug for u xxx

Congratulations! Fantastic news. xx

Congratulations to you both! What brilliant hcg levels! X

Congratulations!! Xx

Excellent, girl! Amazing news to us all! I wish everything goes right way, know it must be so! Pleasure to see you’re happy. Hugs!

louisear, bfrida, Nesfin, godknowseverything, bethany2, Tugsgirl, DianeArnold, CountryCat, Smithha, mannamay, EndoClaire, MrsK1rk, pinto8, vic77, MommaBear16, Beebeestar, anna0908, Maria_k88, Kat80, baby2016, Lucky17, Byernblo, I appreciate all your support !!! I'm so pleased to have so many congratulations and I have happy tears! My life will never be the same...I feel like I'm the happiest woman in the world! I want you to be happy, as happy as I am!!! I'm thinking of you and keep my fingers crossed for your success! I'm overwhelmed with love...sending you the best vibes!!! xoxoxoxo


What amazing news!! Xx

Yay! Congrats!!

Congratulations xxxx I had my fet yesterday just on the 16 day wait now xxx

minerva17 in reply to ytsrik1978

thank you, dear!! if so, I'm looking forward to see the same post by you! Think positive and do not test earlier!!! love xxx

ytsrik1978 in reply to minerva17

Thank you such a long wait xxxx

Congratulations! Xxx

The best feeling , congratulations And very happy for you !

Yay!! Huge congrats xxxxx

My congratulations! It’s a truly dream to awake and have the same feeling! I wish you have healthy twins. Keep on getting happy you’ve got a reason! Hugs and kisses, my dear!

oh, St Valentine's BFP is a marvel. It really is. Congratulations and please take very best care of yourself xxx

Awesome news.... wishing you all the very best Minerva

You seem fantastically happy creating this post.

What kind of happy craziness will you feel when your child is born? I guess it must be fountain or even geyser of the emotionz. I don’t know what emotions expect from myself when I first see my baby.

My congratulations, dear. God bless your family!

minerva17 in reply to Byernblo

You bet!! I can't imagine what will be next, but I'm only dreaming of our future. I wish this feeling would last forever...Can't wait till scan actually. I hope there are 2 babies inside. I've booked a scan, it's supposed to be on March 10. Fingers crossed for my sweet babies.

Thank you, huny! I'm thinking of you x

Byernblo in reply to minerva17

We all who know crossed ours too. Let your desired twins be healthy. And you also be healthy and happy.

I think it gonna be an amazing memorable March! Receive my kisses XXX

Congratulations !!! Amazing news xx

Wonderful need congratulations to you xxx

Fingers crossed for twins!! Glad to see you're so happy and healthy xoxo

Congratulations!!!! Well done:)))))

Oh, my god! This is beautiful. What a story. First IVF, too, as well. Wow, this is so exciting. This made my day! I'm so, so happy for you! Twins, my god! I can't believe it. You are SO lucky! Thank you for sharing your story. It's really cute. I hope I get to experience similar happiness, one day. Your story is really motivating. And, it's inspired me. I will give IVF another shot! Congratulations, once again! You've deserved it, honey!

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