Implantation bleeding?


Im currently in the 2ww after a all natural frozen cycle (no medication at all). Had transfer on 16.02.17, on Saturday which was 9 days past transfer i went toilet around 6.30pm and when i wiped there was 2 tiny specs of blood along with very very light pink cm. Then nothing till the next day at around 1pm when the same happened then nothing till yesterday evening and a few times today when ive wiped and its just very very light pink but not every time i go toilet. Could this be implantation bleeding? I never spot before AF and AF shouldnt be due till about 1st / 2nd March. Ive had a few cramps which could be AF and shes just decided mix things up this month to keep me on my toes. Did a test this morning which was BFN (was a cheap test). If it was implantation on Saturday would it show up on a test yet? Thanks x

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  • Try staying positive I know it's hard it could be implantation bleeding as the embryo can implant at any time. It may be too early to test and a cheap test might not work as well as it won't be able to detect the hcg as much as a tedt that costs a bit more wishing you lots of luck for your test xxx

  • I had exactly the same at the same time when I got my BFP. Was convinced on test day that it would be negative. Good luck. x

  • Thanks Ladies. I did a FRER test this morning, still BFN so think its AF just playing tricks as my OTD is tomorrow.x

  • Keep us posted anyway and good luck πŸ€

  • I think it's just the hardest thing to sit and wait and see what happens, praying that this is your implementation bleed. Wishing you all the best for your BFP xxx

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