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Low amh, normal fsh - what should I do?



I'm 38 and went for fertility testing a couple of weeks ago to see how things stood ( we hadn't even started trying). It came back that I have a very low AMH 3.2, but a normal FSH 8.5. Obviously we're starting to try now! Also now going to Doctor to get tubes tested and also see what options we have available to us.

Read lots about making a Super Egg, so trying to eat healthy, stop drinking alcohol, started taking Ubiqunol and ordered some DHEA.

Just wondering if anyone has been in a similar situation? Do you have any tips on what we should be doing to create a Super Egg, but also what we should expect from treatment? It's all so bewildering!

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Hi LAHOL - I have low AMH with normal FSH too. No tips as I've never taken the DHEA but I just wanted to wish you luck. vic77 has done a lot of research on low AMH and is very knowledgeable and Hidden has put a post on today about improving egg quality. Wishing you lots of luck with your TTC journey x x x

LAHOL in reply to MommaBear16

That's so kind. I'll look at their posts. Thank you & good luck. xx

Yeah check out some of my posts and ask away..the book I bought. .it starts with the egg is worth a read😊I haven't had my fsh tested just Amh and I don't think you can actually increase your Amh even though mine has doubled the NHS explain this as different clinics test differently and my egg number on cycle 1 suggests my original low Amh is more likely. .what I think can change is egg quality which is vital..fingers crossed the eggs I had collected today are golden ones😉xxx

Just ordered that book. Thanks - sounds exactly what I need. Trying to be healthier and waiting for my docs appointment. Did you take DHEA? Clinic recommended it, but there is conflicting advice.

Everything crossed for your golden super eggs! Xx

I have a high AMH, unfortunately respond poorly to the meds. My clinic suggested DHEA and I think once you read the book you will take it 🙈. Good luck xxx

LAHOL in reply to Lucyloo81

You're right! I'm taking it now. Super book, really clear advice. X

I'm currently trying to follow the advice in that book too! I'm finding it hard to reduce my sugar intake!!

I'm finding alcohol the hardest. We just got engaged so everyone is trying to ply me with fizz! X

Hi Lahol, I wouldn't worry specifically too much about low AMH alone. At least you have eggs. You cannot increase this, but can do your best to ensure the quality by eating healthy etc.

I have low AMH for my age, am 39. But produced 8 eggs with ivf, 5 high quality blastocysts.

It hasn't worked first time, but doc assured me quality was good.

I had fibroids which are likely the cause of my implanting failure. This has caused me more issues than my Low AMH results...

You taking the right steps to assess your fertility so would just take it from there...

LAHOL in reply to Beebeestar

Thanks so much for your advice. That's so reassuring and helpful. We're being super positive about everything and concentrating on creating some strong eggs! Wishing you lots of luck. X

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