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Bleeding 😢

I'm 7 days past transfer and started bleeding during the night. I had a little bit of spotting over the last couple of days but nothing major. I'm panicking now I'm losing everything and we will get a negative. We don't test till Saturday. I've told work I'm not coming in today. Rest and try not to worry. I'm trying to stay postive and my lovely husband is trying stay positive for us but I'm really struggling.

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Try not to worry it could be implantation bleed, get lots of rest xxx

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Hey Hun, I'm 5 days past transfer, I've had the feeling of AF coming for few days I've been getting hot flushes too:(

Like you I'm trying to remain positive but it's so hard when your body is showing you signs/signals that it may not be positive!

It's so difficult so I know how your feeling! I'm actually hoping work is going to take my mind of it!!

Hope and praying for u hunni!!



ahhhh bless you, it's so stressful. glad to hear you've taken the day off - just take it easy.

i only had transfer on saturday & have been cool as a cucumber since.... until this morning when full blown period pains have arrived. trying to stay positive.

sending sunny vibes your way 🌞


Hi Jenkins, it sounds like you're doing all of the right things lovely. Just take care of yourself and try to stay as calm as you can. I know it's upsetting but lots of ladies have a bleed and get their BFP. Thinking of you, take care x x x


Aww so sorry you feel so worried. I hope it turns out to be implantation bleeding and you get your bfp x


sorry to hear that but please be strong, calm and be as positive as you can. You don't want to put any stress on your body. Lots of women have spotting in their 2ww, so it could be implantation bleeding. I would wait till Saturday to test, remaining stress free until then. Try and use up your time so you don't think about it till Saturday xx


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