It's all happening- IVF Jan 2017

Hi all,

I have been following your journeys daily. I’m sorry for those who have had BFN & MMC’s.

We are about to embark on our 1st IVF. We started this journey 4 years ago, and have had numerous procedures and treatments along the way.

We are doing egg collection in January, with estimated egg collection being week commencing 23rd Jan. (Clinic have asked me to have this week off work).

Scan is booked on the 20th Jan, to determine if we do trigger shot that weekend. We get no baseline scans or scans in-between, which makes me feel uncomfortable. Hopefully I will have a cycle buddy on here.

I am currently taking Noresthisterone, and stop tomorrow, they are trying to sync my periods with the IVF. We take it again on the 31st Dec, and it’s all go from there. Injections start on the 11th Jan I think.

Wishing those who are just starting their IVF, all the best of

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  • Thank you! And all of the fertility dust and vibes on you!

    I am only starting my treatment, have only exchanged a couple of emails with the clinic and came there for the initial consultation. Had to book the flight a week before because it seems like everyone decided to go to Ukraine this week haha. it's going to be egg donation ivf treatment, so I am going to be stimulated on my endometrium but the approximate date of the beginning of the stimulation I think that it is going to be on the end of DEC only because I have to control my periods and regulate them, so all of the pills and injections work right and me and the donor have the same cycles you know.

    a bit worried though, i was given by my clinic a set of medicines, half of them for the further stage of the stimulation, some of them are for now. hopefully i do it all right.


  • I know how you feel, I feel I have my medications and I am on my own now. All the very best with your treatment and keep me updated.x

  • even though I am not technically on my own, I can only do that much honestly, like I can only talk to my manager aka supervisor by emails because she is as I have told in another country. this is kind of inconvenient but on the other hand this is the quickest exchange I ever had in years, because before I would have to arrange an appt and wait for some time you know.

    now she is always in touch and responds to my messages and sometimes i feel guilty that I treat her like my best friend and some kind of a psychologist because I feel like she knows everything about me haha

    also i had some issues with my pills and thought that I would have to go back to Ukraine to get another set of them but fortunately I have bought the same ones here and even though i had spent my own money my manager girl said that the clinic will refund them, like isn't it great?

    thank you xx

  • That's good, and it's great you have a supportive manager, I moved jobs and now have the best support to have time off. It's made such a difference.xx

  • that's great, i am happy you feel better right now! and you are doing something to make yourself happier!!

    good luck xx

  • Hi KeeKee21. Just wanted to wish you all the best for your forthcoming treatment cycle, and hope that 2017 is your year. Thinking of you. Diane

  • Thanks Diane.x

  • Hi KeeKee21, we will be starting our first IVF cycle in January as well. I have to call the clinic when I get my period and they will tell me when to start the merional injections. My cycle this month was a couple of days late so I just missed out. But going to try and relax over Xmas and start fresh in the new year!

    How come you have no scans in between? I have a high AMH level so they've said they will want to monitor me closely whilst I'm having treatment so I think I will have quite a few.

    wishing you lots of luck xxxxx

  • Hi Kath87,

    Thanks for your reply.

    I have the opposite- low AMH, so they think I am less likely to over stimulate. I think every clinic works differently, but they said I could ring them at anytime. It is a little bit daunting as the hospital is 1.5hrs away.

    Keep me posted with your dates, we will hopefully be on the 2WW

  • I will definitely, it helps to know someone going through it at the same time :)

    My clinic is about an hour away so its not convenient at all, I've read a lot of posts on here and you're right every clinic is different. Its hard to get your head around it all.

    its good to know you can ask everyone on here for help when you're worried or stressed xxx

  • I agree, it's great having people you can turn too. I find instragram really good. I have a profile just for my infertility journey, and they are all such a great support. xx

  • Im also due to start my cycle in January. at present I will start my injections 5th jan with egg collection the week of the 16th jan if all goes according to plan and egg transfer the week after hopefully, good luck 😊 x

  • Good luck with your treatment, looks like I will be a starting a week later than you. Keep us posted.x

  • Just wanted to wish you all the best with your treatment. I am due to start in January too. I'm on the short protocol. I'll probably start towards the end of January so you will be ahead of me but you can pass on all your wisdom about injections and scans etc!!

    Hope everything goes well. x

  • Thank you, I will most likely be posting along the way. All the best for your treatment.x

  • Thanks KeeKee - I will look out for your posts and hope there is a positive result for you. x

  • Wishing you all the best.

    There is some good information and support on this forum so don't be afraid to ask any questions.

    May 2017 be you your year.


  • Thank you, yes I agree they have been very supportive to me over the past couple of years. It's comforting to know you can get support from people that don't even know you.xx

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