Prescription times!!!

Ok so I am going to run out of my gonal F before I should finish taking it, I have a scan appointment 8:20 monday, so first thing which is good, i will have 2 more days worth after that. Do you think they will be able to get me next lot of meds out in time for the 3rd morning dose?

Starting to worry, but nothing I can do now til first thing mon!!

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  • Hey Hun I know my clinic had some for back ups in case needed so yours may be the same x

  • Thanks and oh wow fingers crossed my clinic are as good!!! X

  • They should be as as much as they plan what you need, people do sometimes need a bit more so they have their own store of meds :) Good luck with rest of treatment x

  • Thankyou! I'm praying they have some in store.. mind you I know how quick people can get prescriptions out so surely if paying private I will be able to get some!! Where abouts are you in your cycle? X

  • Looking at starting my second (and last) NHS cycle beginning of April and on short protocol so nothing happening yet. Have my meds ready though! Is this your first and I hope last and successful one! X

  • Best of luck second time lucky, hopefully first time fluke for me.. we are private funding.. I had my meds ages, I only have one ovary on short protocol, but as no cysts on ovary and 13 follicles they upped my gonal f to give better chance but obviously that means not enough for full cycle, I'm sure it'll be fine, best of luck for April!! X

  • They would always give me more stuff when I went to my appt as they knew how many more days I would need so it didn't go to waste

  • Oh perfect sounds like they may have some at mine then.. fingers crossed would make sense for them to stock some ay!! X

  • Should do. They normally have a pharmacy. We had all our initial injections delivered but they were literally about a weeks worth then they gave me the test each time x

  • Thankyou, hope that's the same for me, did you pay private or where you NHS? Thanks for your help xx

  • I am Nhs xx

  • They usually give you them from the clinic stock x

  • Perfect thankyou! Must do if everyone saying that! What a relief!can not panicking this weekend now!

  • On the plus side I start certridode (not sure on spelling) tomorrow! Day 5 of shots already!!! πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ˜¬πŸ’‰πŸ’‰πŸ’‰. X

  • If your clinic is within an NHS hospital your consultant can write you a prescription to pick up that day. I was able to do this when I ran out, even though I originally got my drugs delivered by pharmasure.

  • they will be able to supply somehow, i am sure, try not to panic xx

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