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Nhs waiting times?

Hi all,

I had an appointment yesterday and was told we will be referred for icsi in September. I have had a number of tests completed privately but have been advised I need to do these again on the NHS before the referral can be processed. However was told we will 100% be referred for icsi.

When they refer for ivf, is there a period of time where they apply for the funding before the next appointment? Does anyone have a rough idea of the waiting times for treatment.

I live in Kent and will be referred to a London hospital.

Thank you

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I'm in Scotland so might be different, I was put on NHS waiting list last September and have now started My first treatment for icsi. I was told by my consultant that legally they have to treat you within the first year of your first treatment. Again don't know if that's only Scotland. Hope that's helped x good luck in your journey x

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My first cycle 2 years ago I had my first doctors appointment to start referral in July then hospital appointments starting September (did have blood tests etc in between) then started long protocol on Christmas Eve 2015!! I think it depends where you are on waiting times etc but mine was fairly quick all things considered xx


Hi, I was told in November 2015 I could start IVF and started my first injections in April 2016. I did have some tests in between, wishing you lots of luck x


Hi Kepn17. Have a look at the "Fertility Fairness" website and see if there is any information. Otherwise you will need to contact your CCG (Clinical Commissioning Group) for an update. Hopefully, now you're in the system you shouldn't have to wait too long. Good luck! Diane


Thanks everyone


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