Getting signed of for treatment?

Just spoken to my gynos nurse/helper

To ask about getting signed off sick through my cycle she said they don't do it and I'd need to speak to my doctor to see if I can be signed off stress related but it's not guaranteed?

I've decided to have this cycle off work but I can't really afford to have it all off unpaid, has anyone else sign off and was it easy? Xx

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  • Hi Leesalou. It's always a difficult decision to make. However, most GPs will help you out with this, and if not, you can always self certify for 5 days for "medical procedures". Hope all goes well when you do start, and fingers crossed for a positive result. Diane

  • Thanks you,

    Well my gyno nurse just said as soon as got the ok from blood test on 24th which will be 26 she can said my forms in and I can't start so not long at all :-) xx

  • hi leesalou, i had the same dilemma - i hoped to take as little time off as possible, but was super busy at work during stimming & my ovaries went into overdrive, so was so tired & emotional by last weekend.

    i took monday (transfer day) & tuesday & wednesday off sick.

    i've been feeling a bit rubbish this week & went to see GP on thursday - i was signed off no problems until next friday which will give me a week to rest post transfer. they recorded sickness as 'ivf' on certificate, so if your employer doesn't know about treatment, you could ask GP to say something gynae related?

    i was feeling a bit guilty, but i want to give this my best chance & at the end of the day - it's only work.

    โœจwishing you lots of luckโœจ

  • Thank you for your reply,

    Good luck with your journey and wishing you lots of baby dust,

    That's why I want to have it off to give it my best go as this is my 2nd cycle


  • Hi Leesa for both cycles my GP has given me a sick note with no questions. Last cycle was for a fortnight and this cycle was for a week. They ask me what I want on the note, I just ask for hospital treatment because we have a nosey admin at work!! Haha hope you get it sorted x x x

  • Thanks for your reply, looks hopefull I've just booked an appointment to have a chat with them,

    My work college is super noisy lol I've got to tell her the truth probably as she will need cover for me whilst off, reason for not wanted to say to her is beacaus I don't eat her to go on and on till I'm off then if it doesn't work to go on and on again :-(

    Or May have to pretend I'm really sick and can't come onnand signed off but I've not had a sick day off in nearly 4 years lol xx

  • If it will make you uncomfortable or stressed don't say anything. You're entitled to time off for this, it's too important not to take it. I hope you get your note off the doctors and I hope no one asks too many questions, they didn't of me when I went off x x x

  • Thanks, I reckon I'm over thinking her response as she is generally quite a noisy person and I know what she's like for gossip, but I guess as this is bit more personal she maybe really different, and understanding and be caring, she is also a family friend and my mums neighbour lol, xx

  • I got sick notes no problem I just called the doctors and they told me to pick them up a few days later, mine had waiting on results or investigations written on it so very vague and not ivf specific although my work know what's happening so I didn't mind what it said, I got a week to begin with then rang again and got a second week never had to speak or see a doctor once just told the receptionist on the phone. Hope they can get you sorted xx

  • Thanks for the reply, my doctors are useless so I will go and see them if they say no I'll start crying and won't leave till they do lol, think I'll have to say to her I'm just thinking of the after if it doesn't work that she will go on and on so that's why I don't want to say anything, xx

  • My gp signed me off no worries for 4 weeks..just go and ask don't be polite about it..I have learnt to be much re assertive with doctors through this,.i know I needed time off so I just went in and cut to chase and said that was why I was here..stressful job, stressful times etc and she gave me a line no worries. I have never been off sick before so think they viewed it as a genuine request..good luck xxx

  • Thanks for the reply,

    Yes I've learnt that too,

    It certainly is all of those, and I'll look forward to the time off too, I've never been signed off sick either


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