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In need of positivity

Hi ladies

I feel very negative as I have only had one cycle of ivf last oct that failed and I read of so many of you being so brave on cycles 3 plus. I was wondering if there are any things no matter how small that you can suggest to get me back on track as I have been signed off work by the doctor and really want to feel better to try again with frozen cycle

Thank you in advance

Sam xx

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Hello lovely. I'm sorry your going through a tough time. My best advice to you is do what makes you feel good. Go on a holiday. Spa day. Girlie nights. Whatever makes you feel even a little bit better. And never let anyone tell you when your ready to have another go at ivf. You will know when you feel ready again. Sending you lots of love and hugs. Xxxx

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Thank u so much for your reply it means a lot. Yes your right I will probably know when it's right to try again, all the very best to you too xxxxxxx

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Hi Sam, if you can use your first round to take learnings from it will spur you on to make your second round better for you. You can also use the time you now have off work to focus on you and your body.

On the second round I changed the treatment from Meronial to Gonal F and have responded much better on Gonal F and had less side effects. I also spent my time off doing Yoga, Tai Chi, relaxation and meditation and i also tried Acupuncture. All of which has made me feel calmer and more relaxed for my second round.

Be kind to yourself and spend time feeding your soul and mind and it will help you be ready for your FET. Sending you big hugs xxx

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Thank u so much Hannah. I did meditation through ivf and dropped it after which I think was a mistake so I may try again for me. That is spot on to look at it as a learning curve. I definitely put everything on hold and was a key mistake I made I think. Great ideas.

What stage are you in your second cycle. Wishing u all my hope xxxx


Listen to your body and do what you need to do. Laugh lots, meet friends, start a project, go for walks, get the endorphins going and slowly but surely you'll notice you will start to feel more positive. You're only human and have feelings and emotions and you need time to rest and recuperate and get back on track. Don't put any pressure on yourself, you're doino an amazing thing going through IVF and there is no time limit, just do it when you're ready both emotionally and physically. Try to focus on the good and everyday pick one thing that made you smile that day, or a favourite quote or film or food etc. We write these down on paper and read them out to each other before we go to bed and then put them in a big jar (our happiness jar) so when we feel low we just pull one out and it cheers us up.... I've been having acupuncture too which is really calming and yoga too. Best of luck honey x


Hey Hun

I too had a failed cycle last October didn't even get to egg collection. I'm on my 2nd round on the short protocol and will start stimming early next week. I'm full of negativity as with my last cycle I hit a bump in the road at every stage cysts etc... I try to be positive but it's so difficult. Ive started acupuncture this time round and It has made me feel a lot calmer about the process overall . If this time doesn't work I will be taking at least a year off as the last 6 months have been consumed with tears, stress and anxiety lol. But seriously I would consider giving acupuncture a go and spend some time spoiling yourself. You'll feel a lot better soon . Good luck xxx


Dear lovely Sam! This is so unfair you must go through those attempts! But you're on the way - and this is the great deal. I feel 2016 will bring us success. And just wanna ask you whether all the tries were made in the same clinic? Did they give you any guarantees? Are you doing with your own eggs or donor's ones?

Hog you strongly and have a bit of info in case you'd like to change the center.

My fingers crossed for you x


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