IVF not due to start until May/June the wait is killing me!!

I know that right now I should be feeling happy/pleased/grateful but I can't help but feel really upset that we have to wait until the end of May to start treatment. It has been such a long journey and I'm just desperate to crack on! I think I'm finding it difficult as the nurse gave us the glimmer of hope that we could start next cycle only to say opps no we're full. Then the cycle after that provisional EC clashed with my partners brother's blinking wedding! So we have to put it back another month. I know I should feel happy but there is a part of me that isn't sure how I'm going to get through the wait and still be sane at the end of it. I know I'm being silly. I'm just finding the waiting really tough. Has anyone got any good positive thinking/ distraction strategies! Lots of love to you all xxx

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  • You're not being silly at all Beechnut, I really feel for you, the waiting and delays make an already stressful process even worse 😩 It's so frustrating and and the lack of control we have is so hard to cope with. Is there a particular reason it's as far ahead as may?

    I really hope it goes fast for you and the wait is worth it, maybe there's a reason for this wait and itd be meant to be πŸ™πŸ» Lots of luck xx

  • Thanks Georgina! Yes I'm definitely going with the attitude that hopefully there's a reason for my wait and May will be my time. The delay is due to my partners brother wedding, so noy the clinics fault. They are fully booked for next month. Lots of luck to you too xxx

  • Hey there.i have finished 3 rounds ofclomid 100mg and haave had no results. My app with fertility dr is begining of may where she wil discuss steps towards ivf. Im not sure about how long i have to wait for ivf drugs to start probs another months so probably end of july ill start tratment. Howver i am also find the wait difficult and trying to keep busy with watching my fav programms work and walks. I would like to go private to be honest. But hubby says we need to try on nhs first. this is going to be my first ivf. If that doesnt work then have to wait another few months. The waiting is just to much and im not getting any younger. Xxx

  • Thanks for your reply! Wishing you the best of luck and I really hope you get your treatment sooner rather than later! I agree with you 100 % the waiting is awful and I can't help think my IVF will be around my birthday which means I'll be another year older! Sending lots of love xxx

  • Just wondered how long it took you from fist consultation to actually starting ivf medi. I feel for me it will be few months but not sure. Is there any questions i should ask at the first consultation. Many thankns xx

  • So my first consultation was the 16th Jan and in that one they took our BMI, looked at our results, took a medical history including asking the age we lost our virginity and how many sexual partners we have had (be warned as I nearly fell off my seat! ha ha!). So they put all that together and told us what treatment we needed. My next appointment was the 21st of feb in the meantime they sent us information and consent booklets. At that appointment they went into the details of what exactly was going to happen and then they talked dates. They would have let us start next month if they had any space, unfortunately they didn't. Then the next date we couldn't do as egg collection fell on my partners brother's wedding so thats why we are having to wait until end of may/june. So I think overall your timings will depend on the clinics availability and what you have going on in your life. Hope that helps! xxx

  • Many thanks for ur reply. I hope the time passes quickly and i wish all the best for the future.xx

  • Thank you and all the luck in the world to you too xx

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