1st shot of treatment βœ…! who else is at a similar stage?

Hi everyone,

I'm becoming increasingly keen on feedback and hearing others stories it's keeping me going! Day 1 done, first shot went well.

Feeling so good and positive that it's all started! It's my 1st cycle so slightly nervous but excited!

Where is everyone at? How you all doing?

Anyone in similar position be great to keep track and sound off to each other :)

Keep smiling all.. we got this πŸ’ͺ🏻 X

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  • Hey there

    I'm on Day 9 of my second cycle. I'm on the nasal spray rather than the injections, but only just over a week ahead of you.

    Good luck for your cycle and feel free to message if you have any questions. Xx

  • Hi, just finished my first cycle. Unfortunately not successful this time. Just want to wish you the best of luck!

    It gets easier as you go along, soon you'll be a injection pro!!

    Good luck...

  • Hi Girl! I love that you're so positive and excited!!! Keep it up!! Well done on your first shot, they do get easier and it's weirdly something you look forward to in your day! Good luck with everything!! x x x

  • Hi girl15 and fellow cycle buddy! I did my first injection yesterday morning at the hospital so 2nd tonight. Wasn't as bad as I thought. My first cycle too. Wishing you lots of luck. Keep us updated xx

  • First 1 was so scary, today was a little easier! Good luck, we are basically at the same stage then! I'm just so excited more than anything to be starting and given the chance! x

  • yes! Exactly the same stage! First was definitely scary and think I was a bit shaky, so much so I bent the needle! Not a good start! Doing 2nd this evening. When is your scan? Mines 2 March. I'm very excited too but got to stay grounded! Best of luck and keep in touch xxx

  • Oh thats cool we are at the same stage! Oh really they are small needles aren't they which makes it worse. My next scan is 27th march, are you on the long protocol? I start certrodide injections Saturday as well! πŸ™ˆ Yes defo have to get the balance of positivity and realising that there is a high chance it might not work out this time. X

  • keep thinking positive vibes and all things good! Didn't realise there were so many different types of meds. I'm on long protocol. Wonder if its age depending (I'm 40). Keep us posted. Good luck with injections. My second was fine. No side effects but very early days xx

  • I know when I was first reading I thought have they sent me the right Meds mine are different πŸ˜‚Ah yes I am on the short protocol, I do think she is a big factor on the cycle. I am 23 so think the short one was best. I was really bloated yesterday but think that was more period than side effect! I'm literally counting the days but it isn't dragging as bad as I thought x

  • that's good, it'll fly by. Had nightmares both nights but don't know if just coincidence. Just stupid stuff but its starting to feel like nightmare on elm street where I don't want to go to sleep!xx

  • Really!!I have had them to but also the night before I stared meds too!maybe it's us thinking negatively! Hope you get some good sleep!! 7-9 hours is recommended πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ x

  • I think the whole process messes with your head! OH snoring happily beside me. Oh what it must be like to be a man! To be fair they put up with a lot from us!

  • πŸ˜‚ I know the feeling! And we have to stab ourselves with injections daily!

    It is just such a strange process really .. but one step closer to what we want!

    I'm thirsty constantly today - day 3!!

  • keep drinking! Pretend its wine! Ok maybe we need a good imagination for that. Keep that end goal in mind and remember why we're putting ourselves through this crazy processxx

  • The end result will all be worth it!

    The thought of wine rather than water is a good idea πŸ˜‚ What I'd do for a cold prosecco!! X

  • good luck! I am sure that this cycle will lead you to the desired BFP!

    Yeah, we got this!


  • Thankyou! Are you in treatment at the moment? X

  • In the program, it is surrogacy.

    My SM is pregnant and we are waiting for the updates from our manager.


    Soon in 2 weeks it is our 12 weeks and soon we will know who she pregnant with is.


  • Oh wow! Best of luck how exciting.. I'm sure she is a lovely woman!

    Keep us posted :) x

  • well i certainly will! haha

    Thank you a lot, I am sure she is! We have been sent a photo of her and she looks amazing as for me! We are def lucky to have her as our surrogate mother. anyways, photos are just photos nothing can be compared to meeting her in person!

    Lots of love


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