Help please!!

Hi ladies can anyone tell me what can I do to survive the post egg collection pain??

It's been two days after and the pain is still unbearable don't know what to do now.

Had to came back to work today and as been the worst day ever, I can barely walk so I'm sitting down with a hot water bottle on my belly and my back.

Is there anything else I can take apart from the painkillers??

Thank you

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  • Don't think you can take anything but paracetamol. Maybe try a bath? Should start wearing off soon. How many eggs collected?

  • I'm not doing the transfer so can I have another painkiller?

    I really hope so because i feel like if someone beat me up.

    They collected 14 eggs.

  • Hi pinto8. You can take 2 paracetamol every 4hours, but no more than 8 tablets in 24hours. You must drink loads of water and watch your urine output. If it tails off and/or you become breathless you need to go to A & E. No antiinflammatories like ibuprofen. Lots of rest and if no better by morning see your GP. Hope you soon get some relief as it seems your ovaries are probably still a bit active. Diane

  • Thank you Diane but didn't understand what you mean by saying my urine output or it tails?

    I've being having some hard time breathing but just for a couple of minutes I tough it was just because I was tired.

    Have to check that then.

  • Hi pinto8. I meant if your urine output becomes a lot less than normal. Hope you're feeling a bit better. Diane

  • Ohh ok thank you today I'm feeling much better

  • Hi pinto8. Brilliant! So pleased to hear that you are improving at last. Diane

  • i had the exact same it lasted for about 5 days i just kept taking paracetamol and lots of rest. i couldn't move couldn't walk and found it hard to sleep. the pain does ease but theres nothing else that you can take unfortunately. i wish you a speedy recovery! xxx

  • Thank you the thing is I'm working tomorrow as well no so proper rest will keep taking painkillers and plenty of water

  • Yeah the water will help too it does get easier just takes a few days xxx

  • I guess if your not doing embryo transfer you can have some ibuprofen which you can mix with paracetamol. 14 is a good number..... why the freeze all? Were you over stimulated?

  • No I'm doing egg sharing so I'm only having 7 but only 6 fertilized. I had to do because on my second scan they found a polyp so they said it was impossible to do the transfer so the only option was freezing. So now have to wait for appointment and then surgery date.

  • Hi Pinto, are you drinking minimum 3 litres of water per day. I luckily had no pain but made sure I had no caffeine and upped my water intake.

    Hope it settles xxx

  • I'm drinking but not 3 litters but now I'm going to gave to because the pain is getting unbearable.

  • Watch out for ohss...

    Drink lots of water too

    Don't be scared about contacting medical experts x

  • I'll do it monday if the pain continues

  • Hi pinto8, how's the pain now? I was in pain after EC also but my clinic prescribed co codimol which took the edge off & gave me an out of hours no to call if in severe pain, but it eased off. If in doubt I would call clinic or 111 if your worried about OHSS x

  • Still the same it's getting unbearable now even to walk so I have to check if it continues I have to call them. Thanks for the advice

  • Hiya you the first person on here other than me I've found who also described the pain as unbearable. The night after EC I almost threw up my dinner whilst having to go toilet same time. I could then only lay on bath room floor as pain was unbearable and I couldnt get back to bed.My OH was really worried and did consider A&E but I made it to bed and slept. I was dosed up on co-cordimol too as paracetamol don't touch me. I was only supposed to have 2 days off but ended up taken 3. My boss was pretty good.

    My advise call in sick and rest. I used my hot water bottle all the time even fell a sleep with it. I was better by day 5.

    Sending hugs xx

  • Yes the hot water bottle as been my best friend even today at work I was with it but I still have one more shift tomorrow that I have to go because my manager just don't understand what I 've been doing for her everything will take just a day and then I'm pregnant. I'll see how I wake up tomorrow and decide

  • If you haven't already, definitely give your nurse a call.

    I was in terrible pain after my EC and when I called on day 2 post EC they said I could start taking ibuprofen with cocodamol/paracetamol. A hot water bottle on the front, one on the back and a couple of sofa days and I got there!

    Really sorry to hear you're struggling but it definitely should start improving soon. Check in with your nurse anyway xXx

  • Try to relax more and the water will help you, I didn't have such bad symptoms. I just took several days of and tried to relax more.

    We failed 4 cycles of ivf and everytime I felt bad, hope my second try will be better. Wish you all the best.

  • Thank you I've tried to take some days off but because they changed my egg collection twice by the time they booked it was impossible to change my days at work.

    Sorry to hear that hope you get better result now.

  • oh, darling, is it hurt right now? how are you feeling? what did they tell? do you have the good chances for success?

  • I'm fine now still feeling the odd cramps but nothing major.

  • that's good, hope you'll be fine these days.


  • I so hope u are feeling a bit better today my dear and if not I hope u rang in sick.definitely call the clinic if no better as u shouldn't be feeling that bad with no help!!when u get s chance, let us know how u r xxx

  • Thank you for the concern I'm much better today and can finally stand straight.. At least tomorrow i can spend all day resting.

  • Oh that's good news!! Yes make sure u rest tomorrow! That's an order!!😘

  • Ohh 72cloud9 so so thank you for your words I did follow your orders.

  • I was exactly the same, I found the egg collection the hardest and most painful to recover from. I just took Codine and paracetamol. It wasn't enough but that's all I was advised to take. It did start getting better after 3-4 days after. Hopefully you feel better soon πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸ»πŸ€žπŸ»

  • Oh pinto I hope you are feeling much better now lovely 😒 Did you find anything to help? X x x

  • Thank you yes I am I tried everything and it seems it worked, still feeling some cramps and still bloated but finally feeling like myself

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