Going Crazy! tww

Day 4 post transfer. Negative thought pattern has really set in. I would normally come on around now and I'm analysing every sign. Got my usual period spot on my chin. Feeling hot today as I normally do this time of montb. Had cramping on off not very strong last few days.

I've done yoga mindfulness acupuncture you name it and I can't get out of my head that I'll have BFN next Friday.

Best thing I did today was go to work which allowed me to focus on report and spreadsheet and give me time off from my mind!

Anyone else going through any of the above?

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  • Buffy21 i can sympathise with how you are feeling. Im coming towards the end of my 2ww and im dreading doing my test. Im at the point where i dont wsnt to do it so i cant face up to things. Im trying to keep positive but after reading other peoples news on here its really hard as you feel so bad for them and then think about the odds. The main thing is not to over analyse symptoms which i am guilty of and keep yourself busy, whether it be meeting friends for lunch or evening meal, go to the cinema, catch up on box sets or tv. I started doing the mindfulness colouring this time which i found helped. Just be kind to yourself, rest, relax and dont rush into anything. Take care and good luck xx

  • Thank you for your good advise. Yeah just had my friend over for tea and it proved a wonderful distraction to talk about other things!

    Praying and crossing fingers this is your lucky time and sending good thoughts to you xx

  • Thank you really appreciate it. Good luck xx

  • I've been feeling much the same.i don't really have any symptoms so I can't symptom spot but that's worrying me in itself!! Worst timing as well as my partners gone back to work and all my friends r preoccupied with their kids for 1/2 term so I've only got the tv!!

    Like Sam101 said it's been hard today seeing some girls on here not getting good news and your heart breaks for them & 4 urself as it could easily be us to.

    Sounds like u r doing the right things to relax -I probably should be taking advice from u!!

    Wishing u all the best xxx

  • Thank you!Just done my yoga DVD it's actually for pregnant women so it's all very calming. I'm hoping it has the desired effect!

    I love the BFP stories on here and feel horrid reading the BFN ones thinking it could be me😣xx

  • I'm with you Buffy. Trying not to symptom watch and, keep busy.

    Been feeling really tired tho, but that might be the emotional roller coaster of ivf!

    Look after yourself Hun x

  • Yeah I felt really tired too and hungry but again not sure if I'm invented these symptoms if you know what I mean.. Crossing fingers for us 🀞xx

  • I'm on my 4th 2ww and have gone crazy on the symptom spotting everytime! You see signs in everything and just wish you could look inside and know what is going on! I'm testing tomorrow so on peak crazy but glad I am nearly there. My rational brain knows symptoms or lack of doesn't give you a definite either way and there really is no way to know til test day. So just accept the crazy and let time pass, and keep positive until proved otherwise πŸ€πŸ€

  • Thanks Anna. Wow 4th tww. Can't imagine your journey so far. The k-e for your good advise. Hope this is your time also . Let me know tomorrow 🀞❀xx

  • Best of luck today Anna x

  • when I was on my 4th tww I also felt symptoms you have but I tried to clean my mind from any bad thoughts. I did my work, spent time with family and relax. It's good that you went to work, busyness is waht you need right now but don't any activiries that can hurt you. Just calm way of life and for sure you'll succeed in everything.

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