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Hi everyone,

I'm 4dp5dt. We had 2 blastocysts transferred a 5bb & 4ba which the embryologist said they were top grade.

We the night after transfer I had really bad cramps, so bad it woke me up. They next morning I had a stitch.

Day 2 & day 3 I had mild cramps on and off and have been exhausted.

Day 4 today and Ive had a stabby like pain on the left hand side of my belly button but low down..

I know this could be side affects of these horrible cyclogest pessaries, plus it's probably after affects of ec & meds.

But... I'm praying the stabby pain is implantation of a sign of something good going on. I know blastocyst can implant anywhere from day 1 to day 5 ...

I think the tww I should the worst but of all of this ..

My otd is Xmas eve, I want to do I think then as if I am lucky enough to get a bfp it will be the best Christmas present ever, but if I test and it's a bfn I don't think I could deal with Christmas and socialising..

I think we are going g to leave testing until 27th December..

we have been ttcing for 16yrs so literally praying for a miracle !!!!!


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  • 16 years oh my goodness. How do you cope with that? ? Really hope this is your time xx

  • Thank you me too, i think i have waited long enough xx

  • The 2ww is just the worst isn't it? My otd is 22nd, slowly driving myself mad now! Best of luck! πŸ™ X

  • Good luck!! X

  • Those pains definitely sound like what you might get if something was working! Best of luck to you xx

  • Thank you i really hope so x

  • Oh best of luck! You have a great chance with your great quality embryos! Fingers crossed those cramps are a good sign!!xx

  • Im not sure about the grading of blastos but the embryologist said they were top grade.. im literally praying for a miracle xx

  • The last 16 years have been hell im not gonna lie...

    I still have cramps on and off but just mild..

    Im panicking again this morning as ever since egg collection my boobs have been soooo sore, so much so i have been unable to take my bra off , only when i get in the shower and it was agony. Well last night i noticed they were not so sore, and this morning they only hurt if i press them . This always happens just before af arrives... im on 5dp5dt surely af would arrive yet would she??

    I thought on a ivf cycle af is due day before otd.?

    I am also on cyclogest , i would of thought if anything good had happend in my tummy my boobs would get more sore, not stop being sore..

    The tww is an absolutely nightmare? I actually think this is the worst bit. Xxx

  • Hey Hun,

    Don't worry I'm exactly the same freaking out at every thing. I'm on day 4 and was thinking AF is coming. I wish I could just forget about it.

    Good luckxx

  • I got my bfp today 😍😍😍

  • That's amazing so did your cramps/aches feel like AF? Be good to know xxx

  • Absolutely.. i kept going to the loo as i was sure af was coming.. i cramped since transfer day, still cramping now xx

  • Phew it's great to hear πŸ™ˆ. You should do a daily post lol for us call it "symptom post". My period would be normally due mon-tues so I'm hoping to get past that. Congratulations what an amazing Xmas present xxx

  • Thank you so much .. im feeling really sick & crampy again today. Good luck to you xxx

  • Congratulations Leanne 76.its going to be a very merry Christmas for you. The best gift ever .enjoy every moment

  • Thank you xx

  • Cyclogest can give you some weird side effect.... However It is a it early to have any pregnancy signs. Your boobs were sore because of all the meds you were taking for the eggs collections.

    Try to relax and everything will be fine . Xxx

  • Thats what i keep telling myself.. im just having a relaxing day on the sofa with dh watching films and having some treats..


  • Wishing lots of luck. Sounds very positive with those symptoms. Xx

  • Thank you.. do you think so??? Feel like I'm going mad!! I've been to the loo about 10 times today to check if af is there πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  • I'm only on 1dp5dt so no idea how I'm going to feel as the days go on. But from what I've read and stories on here people seem to have these symptoms and still get a BFP. So I would try and stay positive xx

  • Thank you & good luck to you !!! Xx

  • Good luck with the 2ww. It is hard going where you will have good and bad days. I think you are wise re the timing of the test and makes total sense. Wishing you all the best.

  • Thank you. It really is hard going. I just cant wait for it all to be over so i know either way c

  • Take it easy and relax. Good food. Plenty of rest. Time will feel like it is passing so slowly but before you know it your 2ww will be over. It's ok to have good and bad days. Just look after yourself and keep us posted on how you are doing xxxx

  • Thank you so much thats really kind of you.. i will keep you all posted.. xx

  • I hope you had a relaxing day ... Not long before you will find out. Stay positive

  • Thank you.. yes i literally havent moved all day. Only another 9 days until i find out... unless af shows up . πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™

  • Relaxing and resting are the best medicines

  • Every day closer to otd that i get through with out my af makes me feel happier.. im not even sure when af would be due?? I think its the day before otd

  • Wishing you all the luck in the world.... the wife will hopefully be fking FET in late Jan.

  • Thank you . Good luck to you both too

  • My test date is also Xmas eve and I'm driving myself crazy. We had a 3 day transfer and my symptoms have subsided but think most were due to the drugs anyway. I won't be able to wait and thinking I may test of Friday as we are away on Xmas eve and i'd rather be at home in case it's bad news. As you said it will be the best or worst Christmas ever! Hoping for a very happy Christmas for us both xx

  • Oh wow.. good luck to you too !! The 2ww is hell πŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆπŸ™ˆ

  • This all sounds like Very good signs! 😊😊 good luck for Xmas eve, got a feeling it will be a bfp!! X

  • Aww thank you... i hope your right!! We have been waiting 16yrs for a bfp. It has to be our time now xx

  • Well i caved in and tested... i am going to be a mummy !!!! Im in total shock i just cant believe it xxx

  • That's great!! Well done & congratulations!!xx

  • Thank you so much.. i dont think i will believe it until we have our scan x

  • Wow that's amazing news xxx

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