Terrible bloating 3 months after failed IVF

Hi ladies,

Failed my first cycle on 1st December, and have been super bloated ever since. I didn't over stimulate, we got 13 eggs..so I don't think it's OHSS. I haven't felt unwell either. I do get a bit of pain on my left side where I think my ovary is, it comes and goes. Has anyone else had this or got this? Surely my stomach should have gone down by now? I'm starting round 2 next month so don't want to be even more bloated :( xx

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  • Hi Beckboo1985. Sorry to hear this. You could have a slightly active ovarian cyst which could be causing it. Make sure you don't get constipated also. I would get it checked out, just in case you need some treatment or medication. Hope all soon settles again. Diane

  • Or should I see my regular gp? Thanks Diane x

  • Hi Diane,

    Thanks for the reply! Ah ok...I need to speak to my clinic then I guess! Hoping it won't delay my start date but best to get it checked I guess! Thank you xx

  • Hi Beckyboo1985. Hope all is soon sorted and good luck! Diane

  • Hope your doc sorts it for u xxx

  • Sorry to hear about it, I personally didn't have this but as far as I know a lot of women have. Consult your doctor, probably you'll find the answer soon and wish you luck with your next round.

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