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Hi ladies these passed few days I'v been in serious pain with my stomach. I only have three more days of pessaries despite that I went to my GP as hubby couldn't bear to see me in any more pain. I have serious trapped wind 💨 there is no release and docs wouldn't give me anything as it might affect the embry. I have ticked most of the side effects from the pessaries leaflet and my extended abdominal which I never had prior is making sleeping breathing and walking incredibly uncomfortable and difficult. To add to the list I also have coeliac disease and doc thinks that the pessaries might be making my bowels inflamed but there is no way of knowing so he sent me home with peppermint tea. I phoned the clinic again and they said that it's not normal to have the symptoms I'm showing and also the pessaries shouldn't be giving me any bother. What made me very anxious and worried if that I have had some period cramping but nothing too bad which the nurse has also said that is not normal! My test day is Friday and feeling the fear..... do any of you suffer from the side effects from the pessaries? And if so have you had a positive result?

Many thanks xxxx

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  • Hey Hun I hated the pressaries! In fact they did not agree with me having it in the back side! I went doctors as I was having discharge coming out and trapped wind. I was told it was because of the tablets. Ivf never worked for me but I still had this issue a month after the testament failed. My doctor did say it looked inflamed. Best of luck x

  • I have IBS which isn't the same as coeliac but we have similar bowel troubles. *Hugs* pessaries (I took them up my bum as I just didn't want anything else up my vagina especially as I am prone to infections) but they gave me really bad diarrhoea and wind cramps. I came off them about a week ago and finally my bowel is calming down again. I will say coming off them made me constipated for a few days but I feel almost normal now. I know it's miserable but try and hang in there. The wind pains are excruciating it doesn't feel like wind does it? I found lying on my left side helped and hubby used to rub my tummy/back xxxx

  • Thanks kitty k for your reply. Thanks for being supportive I feel such a mess. What did you take to break the wind? Xx

  • I took windeze. It didn't get rid of it but it eases it. It's not absorbed by the blood apparently according to my doctor. But definitely ask your doctor or clinic before you take it just in case that's what I did xxx

  • Thanks very much kittyk what about period cramps did you get those? Sorry for asking lots of questions x

  • No worries ask away. And I only got them literally a day or so bafter my test I think then since my test I've had cramps practically every day since. Worrying but I'm told as long as you don't have period like blood it's normal. Really hard to sleep with the cramps sometimes though. If it's really bad I take one paracetamol and it seems to help xxx

  • Ah ok the clinic can. The clinic can be very unsupportive at times especially when they said they have never heard of the effects such as trapped wind from the pessaries xx thanks again xx❤️

  • I know my clinic told me to use it only when necessary xxx

  • Did you get period cramps?

  • Hi Poppyjay84. Just read your post as only here Monday, Wednesday & Friday. Well, I know that progesterone pessaries can be a big problem with some of you, but I am wondering from what you explain, whether you do have some over stimulation going on?? Make sure you continue to drink plenty of water, and don't get constipated. You could try some Fybogel to get rid of the wind or lactulose for constipation if you get that. if your urine output tails off then off to the docs again. Just paracetamol for any pain unless something else has been prescribed. No anti-inflammatories such as ibuprofen. Hope all soon settles. Diane

  • Hi Diane

    Thanks so much for your reply! The clinic have said that extracting 8 eggs would definitely not give overstimulation. Today I feel a bit better at least I can sit down yesterday I was doubled over with pain. My hubby bought an exercise ball and the trapped wind has broken a bit. Can I get fynogrl from the chemist?

    Many thanks for your support


  • Hi Poppyjay84. That's a relief! Yes you can, and it's "Fybogel". It's a drink and will help with any irritable bowel or discomfort. Good luck! Diane

  • And it won't interfere with the could be pregnancy?

    I can't wait for the end of these pessaries and test even though I'm really anxious incase it's a negative x

  • Hi Poppyjay84. No it won't harm a pregnancy. They are nasty things for some women, but hopefully if you get a positive result your own progesterone will soon kick in. Diane

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