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Implantation bleeding leading to period?


Hey ladies! My last period was on january 13th. I had unprotected sex on january 27th. I started noticing spotting when I wiped around the february 4th. So I took a test earlier then I should have and got a negative. The spotting continued off and on changing between brown and pink until my expected period was due. My period came 1 day late on the 12th, but there's no doubt that it arrived. I'm 2 days into my period now and it's very heavy.

I just am confused why I was experiencing spotting for a week before hand with cervical mucous, hot flashes, and abdominal discomfort when resting. I know I had unprotected sex when I was fertile... I'm only 20. I suppose it could be hormone related?

I don't believe it is likely that I am pregnant, but I am still concerned.

Women in my family have experienced break through bleeding (mistaken for periods) through pregnancy.

Thanks for the help!

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Hi sunshine, have you taken another pregnancy test? If not I suggest you do one now if you think you pregnant. It is not very likely if your period has arrived but some people do bleed.

Take a test as it should be okay now to check. Then if negative check in weeks time again.

I hope you get the result you want.

I will follow up with another test when my period ends, I wanted to see how it goes if it's normal or not.

Thanks for the response!

I occasionally get some spotting the week leading up to my period.its not uncommon but if u r having other symptoms as well best to get checked out. I would do another test.if negative I would keep a diary of next couple of periods:timings, heaviness etc & if symptoms such as the hot flashes continues then see ur doctor & u are at least armed with good info in order for him to have a good insight as to what might be going

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