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Has anyone else been referred to Shrewsbury hospital from North Wales?

Hello, my husband and I are currently on the waiting list to have NHS funded ivf at Shrewsbury hospital after being referred from Wrexham. We were referred there just over a year ago and we've had all the necessary tests etc so now we're just waiting to start the treatment. We were initially told it would be this September, then that was changed to January, then November last year, then March and now they're saying July. I'm so confused! I don't seem to be able to get a straight answer out of anyone. It's not having to wait that bothers me, it's the lack of information. I've just been offered an amazing job opportunity but don't want to accept if I'm going to be starting treatment soon. I spoke to the clinic again yesterday and asked how much notice I will be given before I start and was told it could be anything between 2 and 16 weeks and that I would just have to be patient. Has anyone else had treatment there? How long did you have to wait? Any information would be very much appreciated

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Hello, please respond to this request by private message if you are specifically discussing this clinic - for more information please refer to our Posting Guidelines.


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