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4 months on...still fighting to get referred on NHS!!! Has anyone tried ICSI using Frozen Sperm samples??

Hello everyone....I wrote on here 3 months ago when we were just at the start of exploring IVF, our situation is infertility/v low sperm count in my partner, he has stored frozen samples from a previous attempt at IVF with a previous partner (although they split before starting any treatment) so we've always known the situation.

We had our first appointment 4 months ago at St Mary's in Paddington, and since then had various follow up appointments (all so far apart, if only we could do private!) both underwent the various tests, bloods, semen analysis (even though we know the outcome, so what has been the point in making us do this?!) ultrasounds, HSG's, I came back 100% clear in terms of reproductive health which was wonderful, however diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, which I've been on medication (Levothyroxine, 25mg) for about 6 weeks now. Our Clinic also told us my BMI is too high (which I knew) so I have been working on getting that down along with my TH levels as we have been told we can't be referred to the next stage until this is all sorted.

Despite the fact I am only 34 we are only entitled to one round fresh and one round frozen free treatment, and this would have to be using ICSI, disappointed as I researched and most people get up to 3 IVF rounds

: ( guess it's a postcode lottery thing?!

At our last appointment despite knowing our situation for the past few months my husband has been asked to go back to produce yet another semen sample, and on top of this has been asked to get a report done on the quality of his frozen sperm as now this may apparently not be good enough quality to be referred?! I was so upset when I heard this, he also suggested we considered using a Sperm donor, very upsetting for my husband, it was all handled very badly.

We have our next appointment on Sept 18th when I will be weighed, have my thyroid levels checked and we will have the report the Consultant wants on the semen analysis....so we are just hoping we will be able to move forward, I wondered if anyone has any advice or experience similar? Has anyone been referred using frozen samples? Does anyone know anything about success rates??

Feel like it's such a fight to even get referred, let alone start treatments etc?!


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Hi I maybe a little confused but if he has done semen tests - can they not do a report from the new sample?


Hi - the two recent samples he produced we're both unusable - zero sperm. Hence having to go back to the frozen spamples which is what we wanted to do in the first place to save wasting time but they wouldn't let us sadly, makes my HB feel crap giving samples he knows are empty, and why they didn't just ask for the analysis on the frozen set at the beginning I don't know! NHS I guess, we are just a number so we don't feel like we've been listened to at all :( Fingers crossed we can move forward soon once we get the details they need....


hi the reason i ask is my partner had a zero sperm count too and the NHS kept making him to it again too despite me saying he had already done it twice at our local hospital. he had a SSR in june to obtain the sperm.


So it isn't just us then! Frustrating isn't it?! So it sounds like you are just starting treatment is that right?? Wishing you heaps of luck xx


Sorry, is total postcode lottery. We are in a 1 NHS treatment area. Jealous of those who got 3 rounds. We had to use frozen as hubby had to have SSR for our treatment. His count was zero, so operated and froze what they found. Treatment 6 finally worked and went to term. SO YES, FROZEN SWIMMERS WORK! I know a few people who have had first time success with frozen as well. You can do it! Keep yourself healthy and go for it!


Hi Filmgirl - thank you for your positives words & wow you went through IVF 6 times?! Such huge respect, worried I'll manage once!! So pleased you had success!!! Thanks again it helps to know others who are/have been in the same position :) x


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