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20+6 days scan


Hi everyone

So I had my scan yesterday and heard the heartbeat at first then the nurse started measuring and checking arms legs, brain etc finally she wanted to look at the heart in more detail but the baby become camera shy 😝 and turned over so she couldn’t see the heart. I was sent away twice for half an hour a time to try and get the baby to move position by walking up stairs and eating something sweet however the baby didn’t behave and turn over 🙄 so now waiting for a phone call for another slot to have another scan. The nurse said other then her not being able to see the heart everything else seems ok and also couldn’t get a new scan photo 😩. Really hoping I get an appointment for this week even tho I’m sure it will be ok 🤞🏼

Good luck everyone

And thank you for sharing your stories xx

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These baby’s are cheeky! Mine never did as she should 😂. Glad the checks so far are good and good luck with the next scan xx

Emmad781 in reply to Hidden

Thank you for your reply

They are aren’t they 😁

I feel a tiny bit nervous but I’m sure it’s fine xx

Hidden in reply to Emmad781

I’m sure it will be. I hope you don’t have to wait too long xx

Emmad781 in reply to Hidden

Thank you xx

So exciting. Congratulations and hopefully next scan you will get an actual picture xx

Emmad781 in reply to Camillage

Thank you!

I hope so 😊xx


Awww she is too comfy in there 😅

Best of luck with round 2 of the scan.


Emmad781 in reply to Hidden

Haha yes the baby was to comfy

I like the way you said she!!! Im hoping to have a girl, but would still be happy to have a boy

Thanks xx

Did you find out the babys sex?

Emmad781 in reply to gcw104

No I didn’t

I was tempted but going to wait for a surprise 😊x

Omg. How weird is this I had the same problem at my anatomy scan but he decided to play ball after a walk and snickers ice cream the heart was the thing she was needing also don't worry hun they'll see it I'm sure all is fine 😘💖

Really! 😁. They have booked me in for Thursday next week so looking forward to it.

Let’s hope the baby will behave this time 😊

It’s nice to see you back glad everything is going well for you xx

Hope you don't have to wait too long and they get a good look next time x

Emmad781 in reply to Autumnmoon

I have my scan booked for next week Thursday 😁

Thank you x

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