7week 2 days scan

Well after a scary week of worrying and bleeding (which I still am) we saw our baby today. We did have both embryos implant and there where two heartbeats one was perfect size for my dates with a good strong heartbeat other was half the size with only a flutter of a heartbeat, so they are certain that one won't progress. We have another scan in a week to check the small one has gone. So it's bittersweet really. We know it's very early days but we feel very happy, grateful and lucky to have our little fighter and to have got this far.

Thanks for all the support off each and every one of you ladies xxx

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  • Sorry to hear about second embie not being very strong.. theres still chance it could catch up. Well done strong embie 😊 hope your bleeding stops soon xx

  • Thanks xx

  • Aw button sorry to hear about the 2nd one but lovely news that one little fighter is doing so well ❀️ hope your next scan goes well..so happy for you xx

  • Thanks xx

  • Im sorry to hear that you may lose one of your little ones, very sad! Im glad that you got some good news although I understand it may not feel so "good" at the moment! Sending you a big hug!xx

  • We feel ok, I guess it's Mother Nature taking over and we are very fortunate to have have one good size strong fighter xx

  • Yes you do have a wee fighter which is great! Just give yourselves some time!xx

  • Hi Button-123. Well, all I can say, is that it looks like one of your dear little embryos is determined to stay where he/she belongs. Great to hear that the heartbeat is strong too. You must be having some weird emotions just now, but we will see what next weeks brings. Have a good rest when you can. Thinking of you. Diane

  • We feel ok, I guess it's Mother Nature taking over and we are very fortunate to have have one good size strong fighter xx

  • Fingers crossed. 😘

  • so happy for you , hopefully the slower one will pick up and be a little fighter too . Xxxx

  • Thanks xx

  • Hi button defo bitter sweet but so pleased one of your embies is right where it should be with a good string heartbeat. Take care and onto the next week xx

  • Thanks xx

  • Oh Button I'm so glad you're little fighter is doing well. I imagine you are feeling so mixed up now with the news on embryo two, but you will always remember him/her. Sending lots of love xxxx

  • Thanks xx

  • What a mix of emotions Button!

    Isn't it amazing how quickly you fall in love? Our first scan is Wednesday and I am terrified they won't find anything πŸ˜“ I am already attached to both my embryos and want them BOTH to have a home.

    I am really sorry to hear that your littler one may not make it...very hard to bear regardless of the positive news about the other. I sincerely hope it may catch up in the coming days and that the prediction proves wrong. Look after yourself xxx

  • It is such a scary time. We feel ok, I guess it's Mother Nature taking over and we are very fortunate to have have one good size strong fighter xx

    Good luck st your scan on Wed xx

  • Thinking of you xx

    Thanks for the good wishes!

  • Wow what a mixture of emotions for you to handle right now . Wishing you all the best xx

  • oh 😒 that's very sad about the smaller one. that must have been hard to hear. Big hugs. And tiny high five for the fighter. Xx

  • Congratulations on the one baby sorry to hear about the other one. Take care xx

  • Awww. Happy news and sad news too! I suppose if us fertility ladies didn't have such early scans you might not have known about the second little one. Not that it makes it any better 😞 but congratulations on your little fighter x

  • Hey.

    Sorry to hear that things might not work out as first planned :-(

    Never say never though...some of the stories on here keep us believing in what could always seem impossible!!


  • Sorry to hear about your 2nd embie but thrilled your 1st one is a strong little one. Will be praying for you that things progress as they should. xxx

  • Hi button, so pleased you have a good strong one settled in for the long haul. Sorry about the other little one - such a bitter sweet day for you. Sending you lots of love & hugs xxx

  • Oh Button so glad to hear your little fighter is doing well. What a mix of emotions and sad to hear your little one may not make it. I hope it can catch up over the coming days ahead. Rest up and thinking about you all xxx

  • Hi Button, sorry to hear you have one embie that's not as strong but so happy you have a strong one on board and doing well. You've been through such a lot and are an inspiration to me to keep trying. Thank you for your support. I hope the next couple of weeks are not too hard and that you are able to enjoy the remaining time of your 9 months. Congratulations my dear xxx

  • Very bittersweet as you say but so happy for you one good strong Heartbeat.. Been wondering all week about you... Glad to hear that you have another scan next week... Big hugs xxx

  • You must feel so torn with such a mixture of happiness and sadness. I'm so glad you have had at least some good news. Stay strong x

  • Sorry to hear about the second embryo, a similar thing happened to us and it's hard to explain how you can be so gutted for the first baby but so happy for the one you still have. Everything crossed for your little special fighter. And hoping your little one catches up too. I was told that sometimes happens :) Congratulations xxx

  • Thanks yes it's defo been a mixed bag of emotions but I believe in Mother Nature and everything happens for a reason xx

  • Dear I've done what u can do . Let Mother Nature Do whatever shes been destined to do . U tc xx

  • Sorry I've- uve

  • Congratulations, it is definitely a journey in this process x

  • So pleased to hear you have one strong fighter but sorry to hear of your other one. It sounds like you have the right attitude about it though xx

  • Thanks!! Hope you little bunny has settled in?? X

  • He's doing great. Fingers crossed 🀞 xx

  • Great news 🐰🐰

  • You must have quite a mix of emotions. Am pleased you've got a strong little fighter hanging on. Am still waiting for the clinic to give me a letter to take to the Endocrynologist or it's all over for us. Hope you're bleeding stops soon x

  • It's been a tough week but feel more relaxed now I actually know what's happening. Can't believe your still waiting, have you rang them to chase it up xx

  • I totally get where you're coming from. At least you can explain some of the bleeding and hopefully things will settle down and you can enjoy your BFP.

    Yes, the clinic are still 'drafting a letter'. Let's hope I get it soon so I can start some treatment. Just had my bleed since Sat and am starting to feel more myself. Keep thinking, it would have been 1 week of 2ww. Time is slipping away.x

  • Dare I say it but the bleeding has eased off again now. My gp has signed me off for a further two weeks so I can rest whilst things are still at such a delicate stage. I have another scan on Monday to check what's going on.

    Hoping you can get your letter soon and get started on your treatment, then back on track with your journey xxx

  • Sorry to hear about your second embryo but so pleased one is going strong! Lovely news xxx

  • I am sorry to hear about your second embryo - you must be sad about that. Good news about the other though. Take care of yourself and all best wishes for your pregnancy. xx

  • Many apologies for the late reply, not been v well, but just wanted to say I was thrilled to see your latest post to confirm at least one embryo is progressing well. As you say it's very bittersweet regarding little un number two but so happy to hear little in no.1 is standing firm and strong! All the very very best in the coming months love and I hope your next scan goes well. Love Sx

  • Hopefully baby 2 will pull round 🀞🏻 Congrauktions though 2 heartbeats is a good sign xx

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